Bibby Consulting & Support has been acquired by Citation Holdings

In September 2013, Citation Ltd acquired all aspects of the Bibby Consulting and Support Limited.

About Citation

Citation Ltd offers professional and compliance packages to organisations throughout the UK. Regardless of Industry, we provide a Guaranteed Compliance solution – meaning that if you follow the advice we give, you’ll always remain compliant. Our solution is split in to two main areas – Health & Safety and Employment Law.

What makes us different? All Citation clients are protected by our Advice Guarantee – if you take our practical advice, you’ll remain compliant, and in any instances where prosecutions or actions are taken by the enforcing authorities, we’ll pay the associated costs.

Health & Safety

Health and Safety regulations are designed to protect employees in the work place. The Citation service is designed to take the time and effort involved in compliance away from you – allowing you to get on with running your business


As a Citation client, you’ll receive annual inspections, access to our unique online Risk Assessment tool and our range of Health and Safety training packages.

All Citation clients have access to our 24 hour health and safety helpline and it’s open 365 days a year. Our aim is to be here to offer advice when you need it most.

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Employment Law

Our Human Resources and Employment Law specialists stay up to date with ever changing legislation, so you don’t have to.

We’ll help you create all the required paperwork that your business needs to stay compliant, whether it’s Contracts of Employment, Employment Tribunals, Maternity Pay or Accident Report – we’ll focus on the areas where you need support.

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For more information on any of the services provided by Citation, you can call us on 0845 259 4177 or request a call back by selecting Enquire Now.

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