All employees have the contractual right to raise a grievance, and there is a statutory Acas Code of Practice for handling grievances.

How would you deal with a complaint raised within your company?

Employees can choose to raise a grievance at any point during their contract of employment, and the subject matter can range from the (seemingly) trivial to the very serious. And, if not dealt with in the correct manner, a grievance can end up escalating to an Employment Tribunal.

What are grievance procedures?

Grievance procedures are specific guidelines that provide the framework for steps to be taken in any instance where an employee wishes to make a complaint against the employer. It will often include timescales, points of contact, points of action and suggested routes for resolution.

By having correct grievance procedures in pace, supplemented by further employee rules and regulations, it is possible to resolve a grievance before it reaches the stage of an employment tribunal.

With a wealth of experience in all areas of Employment Law, Citation will help to avoid employment tribunals at all costs – however, if any employee situation escalates to tribunal level, all clients have the backing of the Citation Advice Guarantee.

Citation's unique Advice Guarantee will provide protection against Employment Tribunal claims should any be brought by your employees. This guarantee covers Employment Tribunals under all current employment legislation, including issues arising from Race Discrimination, Sex Discrimination and Maternity Rights.

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