Ask Citation about… HR and Health & Safety in construction

The world of construction and manufacturing presents a unique set of challenges, from increased risks and health hazards to working with hazardous substances and managing sick leave.

If you’ve ever turned to Google, Alexa or even Siri in search of answers you’re not alone. But with Citation, you’ve got your very own database of knowledge.

Think of us as your personal search engine for any questions you’ve got about HR and Health & Safety.

We’ve started you off with three free guides covering the most common questions we get from businesses just like yours. But don’t forget, when you work with us, our expert team are on-hand 24/7 to answer all your questions.

How do I hold a disciplinary?

Disciplinaries aren’t the most enjoyable part of running a business. And they can be daunting if you’ve never really done one before.

But sometimes, if you want to address an employee’s behaviour, they’re a necessity. Which is why we’ve put together our guide to holding a disciplinary, to take you through the exact steps you need to take.

Download your free copy today for tips on how to proceed and common mistakes to avoid.

How do I manage sick leave and absences?

Working in construction naturally exposes people to a higher level of risk and potential accidents simply because of the nature of the work.

That’s why properly managing sick leave is key. It prevents smaller issues progressing into long-term, chronic problems. And we show you exactly how to do that in our guide to managing sickness absences in the construction industry.

How important are risk assessments in construction?

It’s hard to overstate how crucial risk assessments are to the safe running of your business. And it’s a legal requirement to carry out thorough risk assessments for all the tasks you undertake.

Our introduction to risk assessments guide is a great place to start to take you through the five core steps of completing a risk assessment.

Plus, if you work with hazardous substances, our 5 simple steps to COSHH risk assessments will help you decipher risks and put protective measures in place.

And we’ve taken a closer look at construction-specific Health & Safety checks in our Construction Health & Safety checklist.


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