Ready to submit a referral? Great! Depending on the type of referral you’re submitting and your Atlas permissions, please use the below options to get started.

Colleague Rewards form

For any prospect referrals or compliance add-ons, or additional services if preferred.

Atlas Webform

For all additional service referrals if you’ve got access to client details on Atlas.


Looking for more information about our programme and services? Access it below!

Colleague Rewards Cheat Sheets

Looking for some information about our range of products and services? Look no further.

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Colleague Rewards Interviews

Listen in for some tips and tricks from our top referrers, who describe how they approach a conversation.


Colleague Rewards Price List

How much will you earn for referring? Find out below.


Colleague Rewards Terms & Conditions

Looking for the latest Ts & Cs? Look no further.

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[Citation] The Referrers Team Game

How’s your team performing in The Referrers Team Game? Find out here!


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