We’ve created a suite of products designed specifically to help businesses address the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis head on. With solicitors in short supply, and charging a premium for their services, we can work with you for a flat rate or on a three, six or twelve month basis.

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HR Crisis


HR Survival


HR Protection

Access to a team of HR experts
An online meeting covering COVID-19
Templated letters covering furlough, reduced hours, layoff etc
Train / onboard you to Atlas
HR & government legislation updates
24 hour telephone support
General HR & Commercial Advice*
Advice guarantee and tribunal support*
Supply draft contract, handbooks etc, along with advice on implementing these
Automatic changes to your HR documents
Annual HR check in

One Off Service

3 or 6 Months

12 Month Contract**

* Terms & conditions apply. Please ask for more details
** We can also offer competitive rates on multi-year contracts

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