European Week for Safety and Health at Work 2019

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is running the European Week for Safety and Health at Work from 21-25 October 2019.

The theme of this years’ campaign is ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances’ and it’s all about encouraging business all over Europe to raise their awareness of the dangerous substances they work with and how they manage their risks.

Now, while our future relationship to the EU is still yet to be determined, this week of awareness is the perfect chance to take a look at what dangerous substances your business might work with, how you can assess and then reduce or remove those risks.

Luckily, our Health & Safety experts have produced some great content designed to help business owners just like you get to grips with the safest ways to manage dangerous substances in your workplace.

Just click the links below to get started.

5 simple steps to COSHH risk assessments

Understand how to assess the potential risks involved when working with harmful substances with our free guide, 5 simple steps to COSHH risk assessments. We’ve stripped the process back to five simple steps that will help you identify harmful substances in your workplace, define who is at risk and the best safety measure to put in place.

Reviewing your fire risk assessments

Fire risk assessments are a legal must-have, they keep you fully compliant and, more importantly, they keep you, your employees and your premises safe. Watch our video on how to make sure that your fire risk assessments are up-to-date and robust enough to protect you and your employees.

DSEAR: what employers need to know

DSEAR – or Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations – require employers to control their risks to safety from fire, explosions and substances corrosive to metals. Our Head of Health and Safety Services Pete Doyle, sat down to chat us through everything an employer needs to consider when it comes to DSEAR and how to start assessing the risks to you, your people and your premises.

Health & Safety checklist

Your free Health & Safety checklist to make sure your business is ready to be inspected - especially your devices and equipment.

Download the guide

An introduction to risk assessments

Your free guide to risk assessments

Download the guide

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