Festive Survival Guide

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It’s full-on festive season and we’re sure that you, like everyone else, is looking forward to some downtime, spent with a mince pie and mulled wine in hand!

But, the holidays bring with them some unique considerations for business owners – from risk assessing Christmas decorations to how to plan the perfect party on a shoestring budget, there’s a lot to think about before we take a few days of well-earned rest.

That’s where Citation comes in! Our team have put their heads together and created some great content to form the ultimate festive survival guide for employers.

Whether you’ve got a Christmas party bust-up on your hands or you want some guidance on how to safely shut up shop for a week, we’ve got it covered. Don’t reach for that mince pie without us!

I'm closing my office over the festive period, what do I need to take into account?

Some businesses choose to close over the festive period - it could be due to reduced demand or to give you and your people some well-deserved rest. Whatever the reason, there are still some safety considerations you need to make.

Take a look our video for more our top safety tips during the winter break.

Do my office Christmas decorations need risk assessing?

Yes. We don't want to ruin the Christmas spirit, but certain decorations will need to be risk assessed at the festive time of year. You don't need to go overboard and risk assess every single thing, but there are some common decorations and activities that need some more attention.

Read our guidance on risk assessing your decorations here.

I don't have the budget for a big Christmas party, are there other ways to celebrate?

You're not obliged to put on a Christmas party - and sometimes the budget just doesn't stretch to a fancy event. We've put together a list of free things you can do to spread some festive fun around your office

Can I dismiss an employee for inappropriate behaviour at a Christmas party?

Although Christmas parties don't normally take place during working hours, it doesn't mean that employees can behave in a way that will negatively affect your business or its reputation. Check out our article on how to handle any festive faux-pas at the Christmas party

How do I address an altercation between my employees at a Christmas party?

Although it's a time of goodwill and festive cheer, occasionally tempers can flare. Read our guide on how to handle a Christmas party bust-up for more information.

I want to take my employees out for Christmas but I am concerned that some of them may behave inappropriately.

Although a party is a time to unwind and celebrate with your employees, it's important that remind your staff that they still represent the business and inappropriate behaviour may lead to disciplinary action. Take a look at our infographic to find out our advice on how to set your Christmas party behaviour stance, in advance!

One of my employees bought a colleague an inappropriate gift for Secret Santa, can I take action?

If some of the gifts purchased could be considered as inappropriate then this would fall under bullying & harassment, which can lead to dismissal. Read our tips on how to conduct a hassle-free Secret Santa.

For life, not just for Christmas…

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