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As of November 2017, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) will change several aspects of how they inspect care providers. These changes are the result of a consultation which initially begun in December 2016.

What’s changing?

1. Framework documents

Currently, there are 11 framework documents, and these will be combined into two documents: one for healthcare and one to cover all provisions of adult social care.

Not all key line of enquiries (KLOEs) will necessarily be applied in all settings, but this will result in an increase in mandatory questions.

2. Changes to the KLOEs and prompts

There’ll be some significant changes to the KLOEs and prompts – 112 in total. Of these, 41 are new KLOEs and prompts, and 71 are changes to the existing ones.

New Substantive change Total
Safe 13 20 33
Effective 4 23 27
Caring 7 6 13
Responsive 5 10 15
Well-led 12 12 24
41 71 112

3. Registration requirements

From April 2018, all related organisations of your care business (parent companies, for example) must be registered with the CQC.

As it stands, it’s only required for those who are directly delivering care to be CQC registered. This means the CQC register will show all organisations based in England that are accountable for care being provided.

So, regardless of the role you play in the structure of your care service, if you’re based in England, you’ll now need to register.

4. Drive for improvement

The CQC have said they’ll: “focus on providers that are unable to sustain improvement, and on recognising providers that have improved but have not yet managed to achieve a better rating”.

They’ve set out that they’ll do this by inspecting providers who require improvement more frequently, until the they’re able to achieve a better rating.

How we can help

24/7 advice: With our Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law advice line, you’ll have immediate, unlimited access to experts who specialise in supporting care providers. Many on our dedicated care advisors have had hands on experience working in the care industry, so you can be sure they really do understand your struggles.

Policies & Procedures: We’ll create bespoke Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law policies for your care service. We’ll also give you access to all the specific policies you need to ensure your employees are providing safe, effective, responsive, and compassionate care. From adult safeguarding to basic life support, we cover it all.

CQC Pro: With even more prompts under the KLOEs, our secure, online, easy to use platform – CQC Pro, allows you to gather, assess, monitor and manage evidence to show you’re compliant. It also provides a real time view of your responsibilities and your compliance positon, allowing you to create action plans and aid continual improvement.

ISO Certification: Achieving ISO Certification helps you to build evidence and demonstrate that you’re “well-led.” It’ll also improve your business’ performance by assisting with continual improvement and giving you a competitive advantage.

For more information on the services we offer and how they can help you on your road to achieving ‘outstanding’, give us a call on 0345 844 1111.

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