‘Death-trap’ shisha bar closed in Manchester

A shisha bar that continuously ignored the fire services orders to close down due to it being a fire risk, has been knocked down by Manchester Council.

Four men and two woman have been convicted of multiple fire safety offences, in what is thought to be the biggest prosecution of its kind.

The court heard a list of offences including;

  • diesel barrels blocking the only fire exit
  • fire alarm being switched off
  • electrical extension cables ‘littering the floor’

Assistant County Fire Officer Peter O’Reilly has said customers could have been killed;

“This prosecution has been one of the largest and most complex ever brought by a fire service in the UK.

“The defendants showed an unprecedented and blatant disregard for the safety of staff and customers. There was a real danger that innocent members of the public would have been trapped and suffered serious injuries or been killed had a fire occurred.”

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