Premier Vet Alliance member benefit – how Citation can support your practice

You work in the veterinary industry because you care. About animals, of course, but about people too. Managing your workforce and keeping them safe is important to you. But the reality is time-consuming. From COSHH to manual handling, changing regulations to updating your staff’s training, the list of responsibilities seems endless.

We are on hand to give you all of the support you need – whether it is face-to-face or on the phone. Our support gives you extra time to focus on what you do best: running your veterinary.

Citation has created a suite of products designed specifically to support you in the day-to-day operations at your veterinary practice.

With solicitors in short supply, and charging a premium for their services, time and advice, we want to make our services as flexible and accessible as possible for any business in need, while giving you the certainty of expert advice at a fixed, controllable cost.

Why Citation

25 years of nationwide experience

We have been protecting businesses up and down the country since 1995.

Sector-specific support and credentials

As well as our relationship with Premier Vet Alliance, we’ve worked in association with SPVS for almost 20 years and are a company member of VMG – so you can trust our support will be sector-specific.

Experts you can trust

Work with our highly qualified HR & Employment Law specialists, all of whom are either solicitors, barristers or have many years of commercial HR experience, working in veterinary practices just like yours, so are well versed in your challenges and how to tackle them.

Access 24/7, 365 support

There is always an expert on-hand to provide guidance and advice. We are only ever a phone or video call away. Call us as many times as you need to with no hidden charges or time limit.

Pragmatic, bespoke guidance

We are not one-size-fits-all. Our range of compliance solutions are designed specifically for your business situation.

Free guides and resources

Citation clients benefit from a whole host of online resources, factsheets, templates and contracts – which we can make a draft, edit, review and update to ensure they meet your veterinary practice’s needs.

Here is a collection of resources our veterinary clients have found helpful:

5 simple steps to COSHH risk assessments

5 simple steps To COSHH risk assessments

Download the guide

Manual Handling Poster

Download your FREE manual handling poster to put up around your business.

Download the guide

Managing employee wellbeing

Employers free guide to managing employee wellbeing through COVID-19 and beyond

Download the guide

The Good Work Plan: employment rights at-a-glance

An at-a-glance comparison of the different employment rights for employees, workers and the self-employed.

Download the guide

Business Assist

Free as part of your Premier Vet Alliance membership, Business Assist offers a simple approach to managing health and safety, HR and employment law compliance.


Designed to provide veterinary practices with a robust and proactive service. Business Assist enables you to minimise their risk of claims and disputes.


Business Assist provides you with:

  • Unlimited access to our veterinary sector specific web portal.
  • Access to online HR management software, including specimen letters on all aspects of employment and termination, policies, sector-specific contracts, employee handbooks and detailed guidance notes on all aspects of HR & employment law compliance. There are also additional sections on recruitment, equal opportunities, grievance & disciplinary and termination.
  • Online health & safety assistance including the full range of sector-specific risk assessments with guidance notes on how to complete them, detailed specimen action plans for each topic and additional sections on food safety and work equipment.
  • The website is supported by a business hours helpline.
  • On-going support – the alerts service highlights forthcoming changes in legislation and approved codes of practice. The website is continuously updated to reflect changes in current legislation and best practice to ensure compliance at all times and the introduction of new legislation will always be highlighted in advance.

What veterinary practices say about Citation

Paul Manning, Astonlee Veterinary Hospital

Reliable, 24/7 service, expert and helpful advice based on careful listening to our questions and background documentation, insured so that if a case went against us Citation pick up the tab if we have followed your advice.

Sarah Sharp, Bayswater Veterinary Clinic

Friendly knowledgeable staff who are very supportive with sometimes sensitive issues.

Interesting in partnering with Citation?

To book a free consultation and discover more about your Premier Vet Alliance member benefit, please complete the form on this page, or call 03455280379 today. Quote ‘Premier Vet Alliance when enquiring to access your preferential member rates.

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