Navigating TUPE and Business Transitions with Expertise

Facing the intricate challenges of managing transitions, especially when delving into TUPE regulations and dealing with legacy contracts?

Why Choose Citation?

Deep Expertise in Contractual and TUPE Matters: Our team specialises in handling sensitive situations, understanding and managing contracts, and the intricacies of TUPE regulations

Customised Solutions: Every business is distinct. Whether you’re looking to restructure wages, transition management roles, or aim for enhanced profitability, we shape our services to resonate with your specific requirements

Risk Management & Indemnity: Having catered to diverse industries, we assist businesses in recognising and curtailing risks. Our comprehensive indemnity provides an extra layer of security

Unlimited HR advice available 24/7, 365 days a year

Documents created and reviewed

Simple online HR management via our online hub, Atlas, which contains 100s of fact sheets & documents

More time on the clock for you to do what matters

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