30% of employees are faced with bad managers

Bad management

From the confrontational, arrogant and lazy, to the cursing, clueless and irresponsible, according to research conducted by us*, the UK’s full of bad managers.

Worryingly, our findings uncovered that 30% of the working population have a manager they can’t approach with a problem.

And it gets worse. Two in five employees described their manager as ‘temperamental’, one third said their manager makes them feel ‘uncomfortable’, and one in 10 labelled their manager as ‘scary’.

The impact to businesses? Disastrous. From unhappy employees and increased absenteeism, to reputational damages and the cost of recruitment, the effects of bad management can soon be felt.

We probed the working nation to gather some exclusive intel into the traits of bad managers, and the ramifications employers could face:

When management goes wrong

When management goes wrong

*3gem questioned a nationally representative sample of 2,000 working adults aged 18 and over between 11th and 14th July 2017.

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