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Our Employment Law consultants help employers – like you – navigate the complexities of workplace Employment Law. For over 30 years, we’ve supported businesses of all sizes across the UK with employment issues. We’ve worked with industry sectors including Construction, Care, and Education, helping to reduce workplace disruption, save on unnecessary costs, and build a happy, more productive team.

What comes to mind when you think about Employment Law advice? Endless jargon? Complex regulations? Awkward red tape restrictions? It sounds exhausting, right? Well, it might be for some, but it isn’t for us.

We provide support that hits all the spots and ticks all the boxes. Whether you’re drafting complicated contracts, dealing with disciplinaries, or simply need Employment Law advice, our Employment Law consultants provide one-to-one support when you need it most. Our Employment Law consultants will put together every word of your HR documentation. And what’s more, it’s all backed up by 24/7 jargon-free advice, whenever you need it!

And for the tech fans, you’ll be pleased to know you get our smart online management hub, Atlas, included as part of our Employment Law services, too. Feeling better already? Good.

Why is our HR & Employment Law support trusted by over 14,000 UK businesses?

  • We’ve got your back – Working with our Employment Law & HR consultants gets you ready for anything. In fact, our clients are sixteen times less likely to be taken to tribunal than the national average.
  • We build better workplaces – Join the workplace revolution. 85% of our clients say they have a happier, healthier, more productive team thanks to working with us*.
  • We take care of the worry – You didn’t go into business to stress about HR & Employment Law, did you? And, believe us, you don’t have to. 92% of Citation clients say working with us gives them more peace of mind*.
  • We put more time on the clock– You don’t need more hours in the day to tackle your to-do list. You just need more time spent on what matters to you and your business – and 85% of our clients say they save that kind of valuable time*. *Based on a 2022 survey of over 600 Citation clients

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What we can offer…

Round-the-clock advice

Consult our Employment Law experts wherever and whenever you need to, no matter the issue.

Manage redundancy properly

Tackle sensitive subjects like redundancy easily with our expert guidance and support.

Handle tribunals professionally

Don’t fear the worst in the face of a tribunal, we’re here to help you with our tribunal support package.

Deal with TUPE effectively

Worried about complex TUPE regulations? We’ll simplify the process with expert advice to protect your business.

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Employment Law consultation from the experts

Your people are your business’ greatest asset – that’s a fact. But that doesn’t mean people management always goes swimmingly. And it’s time-consuming, too.

So, let’s take some of that off your plate. In need of a consultation with a specialist employment lawyer? Don’t worry, we’re on it! We’re here to offer Employment Law consultancy that leads to swift outcomes. Why? So, you can stop battling through tricky legislation and fiddly paperwork and get back to scaling your business knowing it’s in safe hands with our Employment Law consultancy services. 

Sticky employment law situations require simple, straightforward solutions. That’s why we listen, absorb and resolve your problems without overwhelming you – delivering Employment Law services that offer straightforward solutions.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Whenever I’ve phone up the helpline for support with Employment Law queries, they always provide me with clear information and advice.

Jenny Herbert Pour Moi Ltd

We are very grateful that there is someone for us to turn to when we have employment issues. It is very easy to get things wrong so having professionals at the end of the telephone is a big plus for our business.

Kathryn Buston Dean Healthcare South West

I contacted the Citation advice line who advised the best course of action and even sent over letters to support our case. A normally extremely tense situation left me with a feeling of calmness,

Adam Clark Icon Collections International Ltd

Employment Law Consulting FAQs

  • What Employment Law consulting services does Citation offer?

    You can pass your HR headaches onto us with an all-in-one package that offers you all the value of in-house resources, without the price tag. Provided by a team of over 140 Employment Law professionals, barristers and solicitors, we help small businesses grow sustainably and save time with outsourced HR support. 

    HR documentation, like contracts and policies? We’ll put them together for you and keep them up to date. Need advice? We’re available 24/7 to answer all the questions you have, and we’ll back up our advice with our advice guarantee, so you’re protected in case anything ever goes wrong. You’ll also get access to our smart online HR management hub, Atlas, so you can manage all your people and documentation in one simple place and assign e-learning. You can also choose to add on one-off in-person support with tricky HR issues like disciplinaries, redundancies, TUPE, and more.

  • Why choose Citation for employment law advice?

    We offer a real support service that protects your business through thick and thin. Businesses who work with us are 16x less likely to face an employment tribunal claim (vs. national averages) and 85% of our clients say they have a happier, healthier, more productive workplace from working with us (Citation client feedback survey, 2023). 

    You’ll get:

    • 24/7 HR advice: Tricky employee issue, or want advice on improving employee engagement? Perhaps have questions about holiday entitlement and pay? Just give us a call, 24/7, 365 days a year. 
    • Advice guarantee: If you’ve told us all the relevant facts and followed our advice, our Employment Law consultants will defend you against employment tribunal claims and pay any awards or agreed settlements, up to £1.5 million a year.
    • HR documentation creation: From contracts to handbooks and policies, we’ll create them for you, upload them to Atlas so you can distribute them to your people, and keep them updated.
    • Commercial advice: If, in any given situation, you decide to go down one of the commercial options discussed with our advice team, we’ll cover the costs of preparing your defence to any tribunal claim that comes from it.
    • Access to our online HR management hub: Atlas allows you to track everything HR, in one place. You can log annual leave and sickness, assign and track training, store and distribute documents, and take advantage of thousands of free templates.
  • What are the benefits of working with employment law consultants?

    We can tell you why over 14,000 UK businesses believe our Employment Law experts benefit their businesses:

    • We’ve always got your back: You’ll be ready for anything with us. Our clients are 16x less likely to be taken to tribunal than the national average.
    • We build better workplaces: 85% of our clients say they have a happier, healthier, more productive team working with us*.
    • We take care of the worry: 92% of Citation clients say working with us gives them more peace of mind*.
    • We protect your purse strings: 88% of our clients believe our services are great value for money*. 
    • We get you the results you want: We have a 96% success rate at tribunal, so you can trust your business is protected even if the worst happens**. 

    *Based on a 2023 survey of over 600 Citation clients

    **2022/23, based on available case data for Citation’s HR & Employment Law clients.

  • How can I protect my business from employment tribunals?

    You can protect your business from employment tribunals by having effective Employment Law documentation and training in place, following the correct processes and procedures, and staying on top of Employment Law changes. Luckily, we do this for you. All your documentation will be in line with best practice and updated with any business or law changes. And if you need to adjust any training requirements for your employees to help prove compliance with relevant legislation, we’ll let you know and point you towards the right course in Atlas. 

    And, of course, if you ever do face any tricky situations – like grievances, disciplinaries, redundancies, and TUPE – we’re here at the end of the phone to guide you through the whole process, and can even come and sort things on-site if you’d like. 

    That’s why our clients are 16x less likely to face an employment tribunal claim (vs. national averages). And, if you ever do have to go to tribunal, we’ll represent you and pay any awards (up to an annual limit of £1.5.m). We’re pretty good at it, too, with a 96% success rate at tribunal (2022/23).

  • What industries do you provide Employment Law support for?

    We provide Employment Law support in all kinds of industries, for all kinds of businesses, and all kinds of sizes. We specialise in industries like care, construction, manufacturing, nurseries, and cleaning, but we support businesses from almost every industry. Contact us today to discover more.

  • How often can I have contact with your Employment Law consultants?

    24/7, 365 days a year. Yes, it’s as simple as that. You never know when there might be an Employment Law issue that you need to resolve quickly. So we’re available all the time, just in case.


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