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From contracts and handbooks to full-blown crisis management, our specialist HR & Employment Law support turns complicated into clarity.

Your people are your business’ greatest asset – that’s a fact. But that doesn’t mean people management always goes swimmingly. And it’s time-consuming, too.

So, let’s take some of that off your plate.

Stop battling through tricky legislation and fiddly paperwork and get back to what you do best with Citation’s leading HR & Employment Law consultancy services.

With our hits-all-the-spots, ticks-all-the-boxes support package, you’ll get every word of your HR documentation put together by our expert HR & Employment Law consultants, backed up by 24/7 jargon-free advice.

We don’t just take care of the basics, either. When things get tough – like dealing with disciplinaries or facing employment tribunal claims – we’ll help you protect your business and get you back on track in no time.

And for the tech fans, you’ll be pleased to know you get our smart online HR management hub, Atlas, included as part of your package, too.

Feeling better already? Good.

Your new HR & Employment Law partner

Whether you’re starting a business or growing a business, think of us as your geeky, HR-obsessed partner. We’re not about overcomplicating things or trapping you with fancy-sounding products and services – in fact, quite the opposite. Our HR & Employment Law consultants, barristers and solicitors are here to help you build a better workplace, with one powerful package.

  • 24/7 HR advice line – Who you gonna call? Us! Whether you just need to check something or you’re dealing with a potential HR crisis, just pick up the phone and give our HR & Employment Law experts a call and they’ll chat you through it.
  • Advice guarantee – As long as you’ve informed us of all the relevant facts of the case and followed our advice, our Employment Law consultants will defend you against employment tribunal claims and pay any awards or agreed settlements, up to £1.5 million a year. Find out more about our guarantees.
  • HR documentation – Push aside that mountain of paperwork – we’ve got it covered! Our HR & Employment Law consultants will create your contracts, handbooks and policies, upload them into Atlas, and keep them up to date, so you can wave goodbye to those hours of never-ending admin. Get in touch with our Manchester HR consultants today to see how they can support you.
  • Commercial advice – Sometimes you’ll want to find the quickest way to get the right outcome for your business. We get that. So, if you take advice from our HR & Employment Law experts and decide to go down one of the commercial routes we’ve discussed with you, we’ll cover the costs of preparing your defence to any tribunal claim that comes from it, including your first day of representation.
  • Online HR management hub – Log annual leave and sickness, assign and track training, store and distribute documents, and access thousands of free templates and resources in one cloud-based hub – we call it Atlas. Great for keeping you, your managers, and your employees on the same page.

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Why is our HR & Employment Law support trusted by over 14,000 UK businesses?

We’ve got your back

Working with our Employment Law & HR consultants gets you ready for anything. In fact, our clients are thirteen times less likely to be taken to tribunal than the national average.

We build better workplaces

Join the workplace revolution. 85% of our clients say they have a happier, healthier, more productive team thanks to working with us*.

We take care of the worry

You didn’t go into business to stress about HR & Employment Law, did you? And, believe us, you don’t have to. 92% of Citation clients say working with us gives them more peace of mind*.

We put more time on the clock

You don’t need more hours in the day to tackle your to-do list. You just need more time spent on what matters to you and your business – and 85% of our clients say they save that kind of valuable time*.

*Based on a 2022 survey of over 600 Citation clients


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