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Want all of your HR documentation written by HR specialists? At Citation, we’re here to help with any issues your company may face. Whether you need employee handbooks, contracts of employment or HR policies that cover dismissal procedures, garden leave and holiday entitlement

Citation has been helping businesses avoid an employment tribunal from improper HR practices and incorrect human resources documentation for 30 years. We have the knowledge, experience and team to give you watertight HR Documents for your business. 

Choose us as your HR documentation writing service provider to save time and potential legal pitfalls in the future. We’ll make sure your policies and company handbooks are watertight and regularly reviewed to keep them up to date.

What are HR documents? 

HR documents are a way of communicating and recording information regarding the employment relationship between an employee and employer from when staff are employed. These can be used to inform the wider company of policies and procedures.

Why choose Citation?

HR Experts you can trust

Our team of of HR experts are all highly qualified, so you can trus you’re always getting trustworthy advice and insights.

Plus, you’ll be covered by our advice guarantee for the duration of your contract.

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From care to construction and nurseries to manufacturing, we’ve worked in all sectors, helping futureproof businesses with proactive compliance for over 25 years.

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Our human resources consultants work up and down the country. Wherever you are, you’re never far from help and there’s always someone who can help.

Types of HR documentation Citation can help with

Citation will help review, update and implement HR documents to the best standard possible to protect your business. Here are a few examples of documents that we can help with: 


Depending on the type of employment you want to give someone, whether it’s fixed term, flexible or full-time. You’ll need a contract of employment to cover the basics of employment. It’s a legal requirement for employers to make sure that these are compliant and provide enough clarity of terms for employees. 

Employee handbooks

Employee handbooks are one of the easiest ways to onboard employees. This HR document can be a comprehensive guide for new employees about policies and procedures to follow, along with the company mission and culture considerations.

An employee handbook typically contains a code of conduct which each employee must adhere to including attendance policies and information on how to request leave.

Employee handbooks will be created by Citation ready to upload to our platform, Atlas, which makes it easy to distribute to the rest of your team.

Other considerations in an employee handbook include:

Work schedule: Information about work hours, break times and reporting absences. 

Compensation and benefits: Information about salary, wages, bonuses and retirement plans which are offered by the company. 

Health & Safety policies: Related to workplace safety, including any emergency procedures to keep employees safe. 

Training and development: Offering staff a way to upskill and showcasing a desire to train your team. 

HR policies

Citation is on hand to help write legally sound and compliant HR workplace policies. No matter the policy you need, you can rest assured that our team of HR consultants will help craft this messaging so it is clear to your employees and anyone who may assess your company. 

Types of policies we can help with include:

The Client View

Citation is definitely worth every penny! We have had a very difficult few months due to an HR issue and without the help of Citation and particularly the advice and support shown to us, I honestly don’t think we could have sorted anything without them.


Excellent friendly and professional service with no fuss. Just clear advice at a sensible price


We are a small company (care agency) and recently commissioned the services of Citation. Our experience so far has been excellent. From the onboarding to the Health & Safety advice, and the online training we’re so happy we decided to join. I cannot recommend this service enough. It really is worth every penny.


HR documentation FAQs

  • What HR documentation is compulsory in the UK?

    There are three legal policies that need to be in place, no matter how big the company is. These are:

    • Disciplinary policy
    • Grievance policy
    • Health & Safety Policy 

    As of April 2020, employees have the right to be issued with the terms and conditions of their employment from day one of working.

    Recommended HR policies

    Whilst not a legal requirement, the following policies and documents are recommended to include as best practices:

    • Bullying and harassment policy
    • Sickness and leave policy
    • Drug and alcohol policy
    • Social media policy 
    • Flexible working policy
  • What are the consequences of non-compliant HR documentation?

    Non-compliance with your company’s HR documents could lead to a road full of legal battles, court fees and employment tribunals. It’s recommended that employers work with HR and legal professionals to make sure that these documents have the correct information. 

    The cost of getting this wrong can be fines of up to £95,000 if a claim is taken to an employment tribunal.

  • How can poor or no HR documents harm your business?

    Poor HR documents can really mess things up for your business. They can lead to unhappy, disengaged employees, which means a less productive workforce and bad experiences for your customers. When your team isn’t happy, it shows—and that can drive customers away.

    Plus, poor HR documentation can cause high employee turnover. If HR doesn’t understand why people are leaving, they can’t fix the issues, and the cycle just continues. And let’s not forget the cost—replacing employees can set you back about one-fifth of their salary.

    Investing in good HR documentation is a must for keeping your team happy and your business running smoothly.

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