Here you’ll find useful guides, resources and insights to help your business with both HR & Employment Law and Health & Safety issues.

Top tips to keep your electrical systems safe

Worried that the electrical systems on your premises may not be up to scratch? This is what you need to know to keep your employees and customers safe...

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Banter: what do you do when it goes too far?

Banter, chat and jokes happen in every office in the country but as an employer, how can you tell when...

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Bereaved parents entitled to time off with pay as of 2020

The Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Act 2018 was passed last month (September 2018), and it’ll entitle newly bereaved parents...

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Employee engagement surveys: 45 example questions

Regularly running employee engagement surveys is a great way to sense check the mood among your teams – without putting...

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Working in cold weather: what safety measures are needed?

Summer is over and the temperatures are starting to fall. As an employer, you have certain responsibilities when it comes...

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Can you ban workplace romances?

When it comes to workplace romances, many employers don’t know what to do. Although you may be within your rights...

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Employee recognition: 15 little gestures that go a long way

Employee recognition is so easy to do. Yet so many businesses forget to do it. Before we dive right in...

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HSE is cracking down on construction sites

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have announced they’ll be conducting a UK-wide ‘blitz’ within the construction industry. The blitz...

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Suspended sentence for pub landlord who ignored safety rules

A landlord has been handed an eight-month suspended prison sentence after his Dorset pub failed to meet fire safety regulations....

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