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Working in the sun

Brighter mornings, lighter nights and warmer days (well, let’s not presume anything when it comes to the temperature). Sunburn and...

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Ramadan: what you should know as an employer

This year, Ramadan starts on Saturday 27 May, and runs through until Saturday 24 June. If you’re an employer and...

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How to help stressed employees

Recently, we took a look at 10 signs your employees might be suffering from stress. Now you know the tell-tale...

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Do you check social media before offering a job?

Their CV, cover letter and interview skills passed your recruitment tests with flying colours. For most employers, this is enough...

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Eating at desks – is it a good idea?

Your office policies are your decision. There’s nothing stopping you from banning employees from eating at their desk, but there...

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Promoting wellbeing with little budget

If you’re looking to give your workforce a boost without breaking the bank, then have no fear, Citation’s here! We’ve...

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What’s a Fire Safety Audit?

Back in March (2017), the leaseholder and current operator of the International Hotel in Derby was sentenced to six months...

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How well are your care workers?

Employee-wellbeing is an important part of management – whatever your industry. In-light of the ONS’ recent figures on care worker...

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8 things you need to do to be Health & Safety savvy

Health & Safety. Love it or hate it, it’s got to be adhered to. And if you don’t? Well, you...

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