DBS Checks

Do you want to help safeguard your workplace and protect everyone involved? With DBS Checks, you can.

They’re an effective way to make sure you’re making safe hiring decisions by viewing employees’ criminal records and checking against barred lists. It proves to all stakeholders that you’re committed to safety.

Want to know how to keep clients, customers and people involved in your workplace safe from potentially dangerous workers? DBS Checks are ideal. Not only do they give you the confidence to make safe hiring decisions because you can see the criminal history of applicants, but they also help you meet DBS requirements in industries like education and care. So you can stay compliant and protect your people.

Whether you need a Basic, Standard, or Enhanced DBS Check, we can help. And our rapid 24-48 hour average turnarounds save you time and money. You’ll get the guidance you need to build an application to be sent to the DBS. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

How we work with you

Varying levels of DBS Checks

Whatever level of DBS Check you need, we can help. With our Basic, Standard, and Enhanced DBS Check services, you can cover all bases when it comes to compliance and safety in your workplace. What’s even better, you only pay individually for the checks as and when you need them. So there are no strings attached with contracts and minimums.

Rapid results

We avoid delays by ensuring your application is tip-top before sending it to the DBS. This way, you’ll get your results returned in a flash. In fact, on average, with a Basic DBS Check, you’ll have them back in under 24 hours and Enhanced DBS certificates in under 48 hours! We’re all about giving you a speedy service.

A simple and easy-to-use online platform

Your DBS Check applications are a breeze with our online HR platform, Atlas. It makes your journey simple with guidance and prompts to help make sure the right documents have been given. Not only that, you can track your applications every step of the way and get downloadable results as soon as they’re ready. Need a hand navigating the platform? You can watch our walk-through video that’ll tell you all about how to get to grips with it. Oh, we forgot to mention, there’s no extra cost!

Check employee screening off your to-do list today. Fill out your details in the form on the right and we’ll be in touch. Need more info? Visit the uCheck site to find out how our specialist team can help.

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The benefits of DBS Checks

Safeguards your workplace and everyone within

You’ll help to protect your people and everyone who steps foot in your workplace. A DBS Check is a preventative measure to keep employees, customers, clients and others safe by making sure potentially harmful applicants don’t slip through the cracks and into your business. You’ll also be able to see if they’re barred from working in industries with certain people. 

Gives you confidence in hiring decisions

The hiring process can be a difficult one; we understand that. Overthinking whether you’ve picked the right candidate to fit into your team. Well, you can make that a little bit easier with DBS Checks. Once you’ve gained consent from the applicant and sent off an application, you’ll receive results showing clear, or see disclosure. Giving you the confidence to make hiring decisions that’ll work best for your business and workplace. 

Meet legal requirements

You’ll meet legal requirements in industries requiring DBS Checks, such as Education and Care when working with children and vulnerable adults. It’s an essential screening process that protects you as well as your people. So you can rest assured you’re remaining compliant and keeping everyone safe.

Protect your workplace today!

You want the safest working environment for everyone stepping foot inside your workplace; we know that. With DBS Checks, you can help make sure you’re choosing the best applicants for your team.

No matter your industry or size, we can help you with straightforward guidance and rapid turnarounds when it comes to DBS checks.

We’re ready when you are.

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