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Employee Handbook Support for Employers

When you’re running a business, things don’t always go by the book. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still write the book in the first place. And that’s why you need a well-written employee handbook.

Set out what makes your company tick and build a better workplace with the support of our HR professionals. We’ll make sure your employee handbook hits all the right spots, so you can get everyone on the same page – so to speak.

Your people are your business’ greatest asset. So giving them an employee handbook to make clear what’s expected of them is a great way to make sure you’re building a positive, productive place to work. 

Lay out your policies and procedures, have a written reference of your rules and regulations, and save yourself answering the same questions over and over with a bespoke employee handbook, created for you by our HR experts.

When you take on our HR & Employment Law support package, we’ll meet up with you (in person or virtually) to get to know your business and what makes you tick. Then we’ll create your employee handbook for you and store it in your online HR management hub, Atlas

So you can start building a better workplace, knowing you’ve got the backing of real people who believe in your business, and an employee handbook that sets out what you’re about.

Employee handbooks tailored to what makes your business tick

When it comes to creating your employee handbook, you might think that finding a decent-looking template and filling that in will do the job. And yes, that could be a good starting point. 

But that also could leave you and your business open to all kinds of legal or administrative problems later down the line. So just hand it over to us – we’ll save you a bit of time by creating your employee handbook, updating it if anything changes, and standing by with 24/7 HR & Employment Law advice

With our all-in-one HR & Employment Law package, you’ll get:

  • Employee handbooks made for you – From reviewing your HR documents to creating a brand-new employee handbook, our HR consultants will work with you to make sure your handbook does exactly what you need it to, and you use it correctly. So, from sickness absence to disciplinary procedures, we’ve got you covered. 
  • HR documentation – We don’t stop at handbooks. Your consultant will create your contracts of employment and policies, too, upload them into Atlas, and keep them up to date, so you can wave goodbye to those hours of never-ending admin. 
  • 24/7 HR advice line – You’ve got your handbook in place – but what happens if an employee breaks the rules, or you’d like to make some changes to the way you work? Whatever you need some advice on, we’re here for you on our 24/7 HR advice line, manned by commercially-savvy HR professionals and solicitors.

See all our HR & Employment Law package has to offer on our HR & Employment Law service page.

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*Based on a 2022 survey of over 600 Citation clients

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