Employee Handbook Advice Guide

You might think employee handbooks (also known as general working rules) are just for large corporations. But clear, practical communication is good for every business, including yours.

It’s about knowing where you all stand

You don’t need to have an employee handbook to be compliant, but you do need to have key policies and procedures in writing, so it makes sense to compile them into one document. And there are many benefits to setting expectations clearly from the start.

Employee handbooks generally explain your company policies on things like holiday entitlement, sickness, reward schemes, discrimination, parental leave, home working, notice periods, etc. They should be tailored specifically to your business needs. They can also talk about your business’s ethos, values and ambitions.

The benefits

  • Employees feel valued
  • They know exactly what’s expected of them
  • They understand the bigger picture of what they are working towards
  • You have a written reference if rules aren’t followed
  • You are protected if there’s a grievance

Getting it down in writing

So, you’re sold on the benefits, but do you have the time or expertise to create a handbook? If the answer is no, then let us support you. We’ll help you to produce a clearly written, easy-to-understand handbook that is tailored to your workforce, industry and objectives and we’ll update it for you if it needs to change.

Using our online platform Atlas, handbooks can be securely distributed to your employees within a few clicks of your mouse.


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