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COVID-19: guidance on site operation procedures

Tips for construction businesses to safely manage their site and their people amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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Reduce the impact of extreme weather

Employers free guide to reducing the impact of extreme weather

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Winter driving

Employers free guide to winter driving

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Going Green with ISO 14001

In this guide, we outline how to assess and improve your environmental performance, how to demonstrate compliance with environmental requirements and the benefits of becoming ISO 14001 certified.

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How to report an accident: a checklist

In this guide we’re going to take a look at the different responsibilities employees and employers have when it comes to reporting accidents.

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Workplace Transport Safety Guide

Work with vehicles? Keep your staff, site and business safe with our exclusive new guide.

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Fee For Intervention (FFI) Checklist

Don’t let the rise in the Fee for Intervention (FFI) fluster you – we’ve got a quick checklist to keep you protected should the HSE turn up at your door.

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A guide to good sleep for shift workers

We all know that there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. And that’s never truer than for those who work shifts. Good sleep aids productivity, motivation and overall wellbeing. And productive, happy people make for great workplaces.

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Poster: electrical appliance safety checks

Download your very own FREE electrical safety poster to put up around your business.

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A beginner’s guide to COSHH in cleaning

Our back to basics guide covers everything from risk assessments and ratings to commonly used chemicals.

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CDM Regulations in schools

We have produced a handy table to help schools identify who their 'client' is when it comes to the CDM Regulations.

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How to keep young workers safe and healthy

We've covered everything you need to know to keep young workers safe and healthy.

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