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Ready to get HR admin off your plate? With our HR outsourcing, you’ll get expert support, tailored solutions, and peace of mind. Go for growth – we’ll handle HR for you.

Outsource your HR to our experts

When you partner with Citation for HR support, you’ll benefit from a full range of services designed to simplify HR management and support your business goals.

Outsourcing your HR to Citation means you’ll have peace of mind knowing all your HR needs are taken care of by experts who understand your industry. Imagine having an experienced HR professional just a call away, ready to tackle any HR challenges you face. We also offer on-site support for those moments when you need hands-on help. And no need to worry about complex HR documents – we’ve got it covered, from contracts to policies. 

With our HR package, you can expect:

  • Round-the-clock advice from our experts
  • On-site support when you need it most
  • Customised document creation 
  • Simplified HR admin with our online platform, Atlas

We’ll free up your time and give you the confidence to focus on running your business, knowing your HR needs are well taken care of. Let Citation empower your business with reliable, cost-effective HR solutions that make life easier for you.

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Tailored advice 24/7

Our experts are here to help you around the clock – get HR support with Citation’s 24/7 helpline.

On-site support

Sometimes you need in-person attention, and we get that. That’s why our on-site HR support puts an expert consultant right by your side.

Manage HR online

Manage HR seamlessly with our online software, Atlas. Streamline your HR tasks with handy tools that track holidays, manage documents and so much more.

Our HR package

Our HR services package has you covered – expert advice, tailored solutions, compliance support, document management, and a 24/7 advice line.

Your dedicated HR partner

Why outsourcing HR with Citation is different

Outsourcing HR with Citation means having a dedicated HR team just for you. We understand your business and its unique needs. We’re not just about taking paperwork off your plate (though we do that too); we provide the support you need to stay ahead of changes, avoid pitfalls, and focus on your success.
We know that managing complex HR issues without the right support can become overwhelming. So, having a trustworthy source of information can be a saviour. Whether you need help crafting an employee handbook, or support to deal with trickier issues such as tribunals or redundancies, our team of HR consultants are here for your HR needs.

With Citation, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our support covers all your HR needs, from complex employment law to everyday management tasks. 

Think of us as your wingman, your trusted partner in business success. Whether you need urgent advice or ongoing support, Citation is here for you, delivering tailored solutions that make a real difference. And that’s what sets us apart.

The Client View

Discover why our clients trust us – read our reviews and see how outsourcing HR can make a difference for businesses like yours!

Truthfully, I wholeheartedly recommend Citation to any business seeking efficiency, professionalism and success…

Elliot Kinsey – Operations Manager Kinsey Premier Services

We are so appreciative of the partnership we have with Citation – their care, professionalism and ‘can do’ attitude. Having completed a big piece of work – reviewing and editing our staff handbook and a range of contracts – I can say we feel absolutely confident in both the compliance of our documents and, equally important, the integrity of them.

Jane Kent Haig’s Drains Ltd

Whenever I’ve phone up the helpline for support with Employment Law queries, they always provide me with clear information and advice.

Jenny Herbert Pour Moi Ltd

HR Outsourcing FAQs 

  • What benefits can outsourcing HR provide for my business?

    So many! No, seriously, we can’t stress just how much easier managing HR can be! HR can be an admin burden that clogs up your time and we fully understand how time-consuming it can be for business owners like you. That’s why we take away all of the unnecessary stress with access to our HR experts whenever you need them. Partner with Citation and you’ll benefit from reduced running costs, improved efficiency, streamlined processes with easy online access, better protection from potentially messy legal battles and a flexible approach to HR that gives you the time to focus your efforts on scaling your business.

  • If I outsource my HR will this prove a cost-effective solution?

    With Citation, we’ll provide the helping hand you need to drive down costs and identify any potential mistakes long before they potentially cost your business. We offer a cost-effective solution meaning you don’t need to hire internal HR staff. Our experts are here to save you time, money and resources. So you don’t have to spend lots of resources building an HR department from scratch. We’re on hand round the clock, providing 24/7 HR advice should you need it. You can start saving money right away and get the HR support your business deserves.

  • What type of HR support can I outsource to Citation?

    Outsourcing HR to Citation gives you access to our all-around package of HR support you can count on. If you need help drafting HR documents, organising disciplinary procedures, or creating bespoke policies for your employees we’ve got every base covered. Our dedicated HR services offer a rounded package of support so no area of your HR operation is left untouched.

  • Is HR outsourcing suitable for SMEs?

    Yes, we work alongside many small to medium-sized enterprises to streamline HR functions, regardless of size! We provide the same bespoke approach to HR outsourcing as we would do with larger firms, giving you the same access to our experts, with tailored advice for smaller businesses to help your HR run smoothly.


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