Employee in a factory wearing a hard hat with PPE such as ear defenders talking to a health and safety consultant about best practices to implement into a health and safety policy.

Health & Safety Services

Tailored Health & Safety services you need to keep your business safe and help you build a better workplace.

Get a tailored approach to Health & Safety

Say goodbye to Health & Safety headaches. Our support covers everything you need for a safe and compliant workplace. Whether it’s creating bespoke documentation, staying savvy with regulations or mastering method statements, our dedicated Health & Safety consultants are here to guide you through it all. And with our 24/7 advice line, expert support is just a call away, offering you peace of mind no matter the time or day.

But that’s not all – our Health & Safety services include on-site inspections by our local consultants, giving you that extra boost of confidence that your business is ticking all the right boxes. And then there’s our smart software, Atlas, included as standard. Our online management hub simplifies Health & Safety tasks, keeping you and your paperwork up to date.  With Citation, creating a safe and thriving workplace has never been easier. Let’s get your Health & Safety in tip-top shape and drive your business to success!

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Consult our H&S experts

From Health & Safety policies and handbooks to risk assessments and method statements our H&S consultants will make sure you’ve got everything in place.

Tailored policy support

From Health & Safety policies and handbooks to risk assessments and method statements our H&S consultants will make sure you’ve got everything in place.

Seamless online software

Imagine a smart, online hub that simplifies Health & Safety. That’s Atlas. Easily access templates, assign training, report incidents, and more – all in one place.

24/7 bespoke advice

Handling a Health & Safety situation? Citation’s advice line is here 24/7, 365 days a year! Expert support is always on hand for your peace of mind.

Additional Health & Safety support

Health & Safety support at your service! Let Citation lighten your load and help you build a better business. Here’s how:

  • Accident and incident reportingaccidents happen, but with us, they’re 75% less likely! We’ll help you set up the right processes, report incidents, and prevent them from happening again.
  • Risk assessments – with our risk assessment support you’ll get them right the first time, tick off your legal duties and free up time to focus on growing your business.
  • Method statements with support from our Health & Safety experts you’ll have everything you need to consider those method statements managed!
  • CDM Regulations – we’ll guide you to stay compliant, keeping your projects on track and legally sound.
  • Fee for intervention nobody likes an unexpected fine. So, we help you keep clear of them! We know what it takes to keep you on the right track and away from Health & Safety fees and fines.

The Client View

I look forward to my consultant’s annual visit. He’s extremely knowledgeable, giving lots of advice and is an excellent support to our business. Always making sure we stay compliant.

Una McIlroy Macs Quality Foods

Everyone I have spoken to has been helpful and knowledgeable. It makes a lot of the Health and Safety issues easier to deal with.

Brooklands Cleaning Ltd Brooklands Cleaning Ltd

We have found our consultant that visits to be knowledgeable & practical in helping us address our local requirements. I would be happy to recommend them as Health & Safety Consultants

Anthony Hewett WAHL UK Ltd

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