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Managing Phishing

Do you want to prepare your business for phishing attacks? You’re in the right place.

Phishing prevention services help you become experts in malware management, so you can protect your business from any attempted attacks. It’s a great way to empower your employees with the knowledge needed to defend your business. 

Want to know the best way to combat phishing attacks? Phishing prevention services are the answer. You’ll equip your staff with the knowledge to defend against attacks with training, protect your data, and reduce phishing threats. You can rest easy knowing your team is trained and prepared. 

You can also take advantage of our bespoke campaigns, keeping your employees vigilant. Whatever level of support you need, we can help. With us by your side, you’ll become experts in malware management and phishing prevention. 

How we work with you

In-depth training

We don’t do complicated. Your staff will learn the ins and outs of the four key areas of information security. They’ll be guided through what phishing is, the different types of phishing, how to identify a phishing attempt, and what to do when users receive a phishing message. We’ll help educate and train your employees so they can effectively manage phishing attempts. 

Phishing simulator keeping your employees aware

Keep your employees vigilant with our additional layer of support through phishing simulators. You’ll be able to target your staff with simulated phishing emails to keep them up to date with the latest phishing strategies and trends. It’s a fantastic awareness tool allowing you to schedule and manage phishing campaigns at a schedule that works for you.

Help you effectively respond to phishing attacks

Empower your staff with the knowledge to respond against attacks so your data stays safe. You’ll be able to prepare your staff for these threats with our phishing services. We’re all about having a preventative-first attitude, and with us your employees can adopt the same.

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How much do anti-phishing services cost?

Most email platforms offer a phishing feature that allows users to report suspicious emails. Your IT team can monitor this and set up security filters on your email platform to reduce the chances of an unwanted/malicious email coming through.

At Citation Cyber, we also offer a phishing simulator and bespoke campaign service that allows you to put your workforce’s knowledge to the test, whilst keeping them vigilant and up to date with the latest phishing strategies. Starting from just £6 per user per year, you can schedule your phishing campaigns and manage the results via our user hub. 

How often should phishing training be conducted?

Along with data protection and cyber awareness training, phishing should be an essential and regular part of your training strategy – educating your workforce on, at least, an annual basis with refresher training sessions throughout the year. This ensures that they are up to date with the latest phishing strategies and know how to effectively detect and manage them. Phishing simulations are a great way to support your training efforts and should be performed throughout your training schedule.

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The benefits of phishing services

Reduced risk of hacking

Eliminate the risk of hacking to your business with phishing prevention services. With staff that are educated and up to date with how phishing works, you’ll reduce the chance of human error leading to a cyber attack. Your human firewall is your first line of protection, so why not make it the best it can be?

Phishing campaigns tailored to your business

Need a custom campaign? You can get a tailored phishing campaign for you and your business. Whether you need to meet requirements or you want to see where your business is vulnerable, we can help. And with a strategy that fits your business, you’ll be able to replicate phishing attacks that are relevant to you.

Simple reporting at a glance

Want to see how effective your phishing campaign is? With our effortless tracking features, you can view and compare its performance on our easy user hub. It gives you all the data you need to check your business’ organisational risk in one place.

Become prepared for phishing attacks today!

Upskill your employees so they’re ready to defend against phishing attacks.

The average time to identify and contain a data breach from phishing attacks is 295 days, let’s prevent that. We have phishing services to help you. All the support, none of the hassle.

Phishing FAQs

  • What is phishing?

    Phishing is a technique used by cyber attackers to retrieve sensitive data. This is usually through sending fraudulent emails or messages posing as a reputable company, where victims are tricked into sharing information or downloading harmful malware.

  • What happens if you click a phishing link?

    Clicking on a phishing link could mean malware is downloaded onto your system, which allows the attacker to access sensitive data and information.

  • How common is phishing in the UK?

    Phishing attacks are common in the UK, with 4/10 companies suffering from at least one cyber attack per year.

  • What are the risks of phishing?

     There are many risks to phishing and they can prove costly for businesses. The consequences of falling victim to a phishing scam include:

    • Identity theft
    • Financial loss
    • Reputational damage
    • Loss of customer data
  • How do I prevent phishing in my business?

    One of the biggest ways you can help prevent phishing in your business is with staff training. 80% of cyber breaches will be triggered by staff error, so it’s important that employees are able to spot a phishing attack. 

    How can we help? Well we’re able to provide your staff with in-depth training so they’re able to identify and deal with phishing attempts. You’ll also have an extra layer of support with our phishing simulators, so you can keep your staff vigilant.

  • What are the benefits of phishing testing services?

    Phishing testing services are great for:

    • Reducing the risk of hacking
    • Creating a campaign that’s tailored to your business
    • Keeping you staff vigilant
  • How do I keep my employees alert to phishing emails?

    Keeping your staff alert to phishing email is easy when you’re with us. Through in-depth staff training where employees learn the ins and outs of information security, and phishing simulators, your team will be prepared for any phishing attack on your business.

  • How much do anti-phishing services cost?

    Our bespoke phishing simulator campaigns start from just £6 per user per year.

  •  How often should phishing training be conducted?

    You should keep your workforce up to date on phishing alongside other data protection and cyber awareness training at least every year, with refresher training throughout the year too. It’s essential in making sure your team are aware of the latest phishing strategies so they can detect and deal with them.


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