Offering you the recruitment and selection support you need

Offering you the recruitment and selection support you need

We know how hard the recruitment and selection process can be along with keeping great talent in your organisation.

Finding, recruiting and keeping brilliant people is one of the most important things you can do in business and if you get it right, your business will flourish.

Your business reflects on the people you employ so it’s important to know how and where to find these great team players.

Our experienced Human Resource professionals have worked with all sorts of industries, including care, construction, transport and commercial cleaning, over many years. We know how important the support of a good team is and we’re here to help you build one.

Why is the recruitment process so valuable?

Effective recruitment is a two-way process. You’ll take confidence in that the employee has the right skills, values and personality to fit in and get the job done, and the employee can make an informed decision as to whether your business is one that’ll help them prosper.

It’s important to know that equality and diversity of opportunity should be central to the recruitment process

By following this selection method, you’ll then have employees that want to stick around, minimising any financial, time and productivity wastage.

We spoke to Jenny Ware, our HR Business Partner, and asked her to share her five top recruitment tips here.

What might affect applications?

With great power comes great responsibility. According to research***, 62% of job seekers research businesses on social media before applying for a job.

This means that your social media profiles need to make the grade to avoid putting people off. Click here for a full list of the benefits along with the disadvantages of using social media during the recruitment and selection process.

Social media’s becoming increasingly prevalent in recruitment. In fact, 92% of recruiters say they now use it as part of their process*.

Social media can override some elements of more traditional routes of recruitment – which is why many employers turn to it. Despite the new method of sourcing employees, you must still comply with the recruitment and selection policies that are set out by law.

Some of the most popular recruitment benefits of using social media cited by employers include:

  • It’s more cost-effective
  • It increases the pool and quality of candidates
  • It allows more specific targeting
  • They can gain an insight into a potential candidates’ character
  • The ability to screen candidates before the interview stage.

The importance of the induction plan

Induction plans play an important part in bedding new employees into your business, and their benefits extend both ways. For you as an employer, they:

  • Ensure new starters settle in as efficiently as possible
  • Have proven to improve long-term retention rates
  • Set the working relationship off on a good foot
  • Instil a positive and enthusiastic attitude among new starters.

And for new employees, they:

  • Give structure and aid a smooth settling in process
  • Help forge positive, business-wide working relationships
  • Provide the building blocks to hit the ground running
  • Enable self-sufficiency – providing you introduce them to all the relevant teams, processes, documents, and software, etc.

Where we come in

When it comes to putting the actual plan in place there can be a lot to cram in, but it’s important not to overbear new starters with overwhelming amounts of information – this could send them running for the hills!

Our team have compiled some simple steps and pointers here to help you achieve that all-important balance.

We’ll start by finding out exactly what you want to achieve as a business and what kind of people you need to get there. After that, we can help you to write effective job descriptions and adverts; can give you guidance on how to select your short list; and suggest best practice techniques to help you do your interviews; make job offers and check references.

We’ll take on as much or as little as you want us to, but with our people on your side, you know you’ll create a winning team.

Need a hand?

When it comes to the world of HR & Employment Law, we really are the experts. Whether it’s help pulling induction plans together, monitoring absences or creating watertight policies – and everything else in between, we’ve got you covered.

To see how we could start supporting your business today, contact the team using the form on this page.

If you’re a Citation client, remember, you can get in touch with our HR & Employment Law team 24/7 with our advice line.

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