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With our method statement support services, you’ll have all the tools you need to maintain the highest levels of Health & Safety in your workplace. 

At Citation, we provide method statement support to give a competitive edge to small-medium sized businesses across the UK. We have 25 years of experience working with organisations in the construction sector, helping to support them in the tendering process and in always ensuring safety. 

Method statements are essential for managing Health & Safety risks in a workplace. They outline the steps you need to take to carry out tasks safely, as well as specifying any resources needed.

What is a method statement?

Method statements are documents that provide clear instructions on how to carry out a job safely, to prevent potential accidents.

The aim of a method statement is to make sure the right people are appointed to complete the work. A method statement will help to ensure the safety of employees while also providing a clear schedule for all those involved –  including any special measures. For example, if any part of a building needs to be closed temporarily, or if power needs to be isolated.

Method statements are used in lots of sectors, but they’re predominantly used in the construction industry. They fall under the requirements of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and are seen as one way of meeting your duty to assess, manage and communicate Health & Safety risks.

What is a risk assessment method statement (RAMS)?

A risk assessment method statement (RAMS) includes step-by-step instructions on how to carry out a job safely. It also includes details of the risks associated with the activity. Anyone should be able to pick up these documents and understand the risks and what they should do to mitigate those risks. 

risk assessment is a process carried out by an appointed Health & Safety inspector to identify potential safety hazards. RAMS are the documents they use to detail the findings of their risk assessment.

Method statement support from Citation

Our Health & Safety advisors work alongside you to provide support in the following areas:

  • Compliant method statement support  
  • Reliable Health & Safety advice
  • Detailed workplace risk assessments

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Our team have unrivalled Health & Safety knowledge, years of industry experience, and a unique, friendly approach. Our attentive customer service has helped countless organisations stay compliant with Health & Safety legislation and keep their employees safe.

As well as method statement support, we also provide assistance with Health & Safety policiesfire safety proceduressafe working practices and more. This way, we can make it easy to uphold the highest standards of Health & Safety within your organisation.

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