A series of free guides and resources on common Health & Safety, HR & Employment Law issues our clients face, prepared by our in-house experts.

Building an employee contract for a care worker

Your FREE contract of employment template for care workers.

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Health and Safety handbook template

Your very own FREE Health & Safety handbook template.

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Funeral Health and Safety checks

Keep your funeral business clear of fines with our expert Health & Safety checklist.

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Manufacturing Health and Safety checks

Dive into our checklist for expert help managing your Health & Safety responsibilities.

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Construction Health and Safety checks

Keep your construction business safe with our expert checklist.

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Fixed-term contracts

Dive into our in-depth free guide for everything you need to know about fixed-term contracts.

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How to handle short-term sickness absences

Master the management of short-term sickness absences with our free guide.

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Pre-Qualification Questionnaire cheat sheet

Avoid the common PQQ pitfalls with our expert list of 12 must-haves.

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An in-depth look at FFI

Find out how to avoid costly Fee for Intervention (FFI) charges.

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Nursery Health and Safety checks

Make sure you’re ready for your next inspection with our expert guide.

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Machinery guarding – keeping your employees safe

Find out how to protect employees working with machinery.

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Care Health and Safety checks

See what questions our experts ask when inspecting businesses like yours.

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