A series of free guides and resources on common Health & Safety, HR & Employment Law issues our clients face, prepared by our in-house experts.

Employment Status: Health & Safety considerations for employers (FREE GUIDE)

Citation’s Health & Safety experts and HR & Employment Law experts have come together to cover the key considerations you need to keep in mind in this free guide!

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A guide to handling holiday leave (FREE GUIDE)

From entitlements, accruing leave and employee requests, the holiday season can be a lot to handle if your business isn’t prepared. Luckily, Citation’s HR & Employment Law experts are here to break it down for you.

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What Employment Law applies during probationary periods? (FREE GUIDE)

Your new employee will be exempt from some statutory rights; however, there are plenty of employment rights that apply from day one of employment with you. Find out more in our guide.

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Employers’ rights and responsibilities in the UK (FREE GUIDE)

Struggling to get your head around HR & Employment Law and how it relates to your business and your employees? This guide is for you.

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A guide to heat stress at work (FREE GUIDE)

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to be aware of what factors within your business’ environment could lead to heat stress, and identify how those factors could be reduced to lessen the risk of heat stress becoming a problem.

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Cost savings and redundancy: What’s the best option for me?

A handy guide to help employers work out the best option for them when looking to redundancy as a way to cut costs.

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9 smart ways to reduce HR and Health & Safety costs in your business

Discover how smarter HR and Health & Safety compliance can help you cut costs and improve efficiency in your business.

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A guide to infection prevention and control in care settings

Handy checklists and key information to help you master infection prevention and control (IPC) in your care setting.

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Health & Safety enforcements – what to look out for

Avoid a fine from the HSE with this handy guide covering the top areas they're enforcing this year.

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Hybrid working: top tips for doing it right

Our experts have put together a free guide with their top tips for doing hybrid working right - from your legal obligations and Health & Safety, to inclusion and policies.

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A quick guide to recruitment and retention

In this free guide our experts explore the ways you can recruit smarter, engage and motivate your workforce and retain your wonderful people

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COVID-19 guidance: a checklist for employers

Citation's experts have summarised the updated COVID guidance from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) for employers, businesses, and organisations in England.

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