A series of free guides and resources on common Health & Safety, HR & Employment Law issues our clients face, prepared by our in-house experts.

Managing long-term sickness absence and long COVID-19

An exclusive guide on managing long-term sickness, health conditions and long COVID-19 in your workforce.

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Top risk assessments in construction

Risk assessments are frequently one of the most asked about areas for our experts – and in construction, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to risk assessments.

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The hidden costs of poor conflict resolution: an infographic

Conflict isn't always bad for an organisation - it can be creative and productive. However, some recent statistics from Acas have estimated the true cost of poor conflict resolution for UK businesses, and the numbers are quite shocking. Let's take a look at what they found - including why conflict is happening, and what employers can do to keep costs lower.

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Infection control in nursery settings: an essential checklist

A checklist of the key things to consider when preventing and controlling the risk of infections in nursery settings.

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An employer’s guide to workplace conflict

Workplace conflict costs UK employers more than £1000 per employee every year - but what causes conflict at work? And how can you prevent it?

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Top tips for preventing employee burnout

Download our exclusive visual checklist containing advisory tips from our experts on how you can prevent employees from burning out.

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What COVID means for your Christmas Party

Our HR & Employment Law experts have answered some of the most common Christmas Party questions – covering the current government guidance, encouraging lateral flow testing and the most important considerations for you as an employer.

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Tips to make your tendering application stand-out: free checklist

Our compliance and quality experts have put together their top tips on what you can add to your tender applications, including our 10-point checklist.

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Preventing bullying of remote workers

With homeworking and hybrid working now solid features of the UK workplace, and bullying among those working remotely so hard to spot, what are your legal responsibilities as an employer, and how can you help your employees?

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Bullying and harassment in the workplace: FREE infographic

For more insights on what bullying and harassment actually is, the effects and how you can help prevent it, check out our infographic.

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A beginner’s guide to stress risk assessments

Discover your legal responsibilities when it comes to stress risk assessments and how to go about completing them with this free guide from our Health & Safety experts.

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Top tips for business growth

Our experts have outlined our top tips for laying the foundations for business growth in our latest guide.

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