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24/7 HR Advice with Citation

The Citation HR & Employment Law advice line provides businesses with 24/7 telephone support with any and all issues relating to HR & Employment Law, so you can have the peace of mind that you’re following best-practice HR legal advice, and spend more time focusing on what you do best. 

From handling disciplinaries and grievances to providing support during conflicts at work or tribunals, we’ve got you covered. Need guidance on managing sickness and absences or navigating probation periods? We’re here for that too!

We’re dedicated to providing tailored HR advice that fits your business needs, so you can tackle any workforce challenge with confidence, stay compliant and avoid costly fines.

HR compliance advice from qualified professionals

Our team of HR professionals and employment lawyers handle over 300 calls a day on our HR advice line from businesses in all industries HR support – from construction to care, manufacturing to nurseries. We make sure that we don’t just explain what you need to do – we also explain why you need to do it, so you always feel in control. If an issue is too complex to be handled over the phone, then, as a Citation client, you can also access on-site support, document checking, and much more.

Outsource your HR

Outsource your HR to Citation for expert support and tailored solutions for your business’ HR needs, freeing you to focus on growth with peace of mind.

On-site support

We understand the value of in-person support, which is why our on-site HR services place an expert consultant by your side when you need it.

Online Software

Stay organised with Atlas, our HR software solution. It’s loaded with time-saving tools to streamline tasks, track holidays, manage documents, and more.

Our HR package

Our HR package has everything you need and more – expert advice, custom solutions, compliance support, document management, and a 24/7 advice line.

Expert HR advice when you need it most

We’ve supported UK businesses like yours with our HR advice for almost 30 years.

Our HR Advice guarantees

Discover the difference with Citation’s HR outsourcing. Our expert advisors stay one step ahead when it comes to employment law, simplifying complex issues into clear steps. We provide best-practice HR guidance, friendly support, and commercially tailored solutions that fit your business needs. Plus, gain access to comprehensive services beyond advice, including document support, employee handbooks, contracts, ongoing case management, and tribunal support.

The Client View

With Citation being available 24/7, we can have access to professionals at the drop of a hat.

Declan Goldie Director, Portal Security

The advice we receive off Citation is exceptional too, you never feel like the questions you ask are irrelevant or not important.

Sabrena Philp, Sales and Events Manager at A & S Paving

We’re safe in the knowledge that advice is only a phone call away if we ever have a problem.

Des Burnett, Partner Wilby and Burnett Chartered Surveyors

HR Advice FAQs

  • What kind of HR advice does Citation offer?

    At Citation, our HR advice covers a comprehensive range of topics to support your business needs. Whether you have questions about employment law compliance, need guidance on handling disciplinary issues, or want help building positive workplace practices, our expert HR advisors are here to provide tailored advice and solutions.

  • Why is HR advice beneficial for businesses of all types and sizes?

    HR advice from Citation is like having a trusted HR partner by your side, helping you navigate employment challenges with confidence. Our HR advice helps businesses of all sizes and in all industries understand complex employment laws, manage employee relations effectively, and stay compliant, ensuring a positive and legally sound workplace environment.

  • What ongoing support does Citation provide?

    With Citation, you’ll have access to dedicated HR advisors, 24/7 telephone support, help with contracts and policies, updates on the latest employment laws and more.


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