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Since coming onto the scene back in 1989, A & S Paving has grown into a reputable, local builders merchant, that specialises in importing slate and stone from around the world.

Made up of family members and close friends, the A & S Paving team are a close knit bunch, and pride themselves on offering a unique and reliable service time and time again.

Their pain points

Before teaming up with us, being a family-run business could at times have its difficulties. Sabrena Philp, Sales and Events Manager at A & S Paving, said: “Employing mainly friends and family meant that the management of certain employees that’re related to you could at times cause friction or unease.

“As a result, sometimes action wasn’t taken when needed.”

Simultaneously, they were struggling to source sufficient support and guidance to fulfil the increasing Health & Safety responsibilities that came hand-in-hand with their expansion.

Enter Citation

Since taking out our Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law services, A & S Paving have full confidence that they’re maintaining a good standard of practice, and that all their procedures and records are adhered to and in place.

Health & Safety help

“Once we had an incident on site that resulted in an employee being off work for more than seven days, making it reportable under RIDDOR,” Sabrena spoke.

“Citation offered us support and advice on how to report the incident and which records we needed to keep, giving us complete confidence that we, in turn, were giving our employee the right advice and support.”

Employment Law expertise

Sabrena told us: “Recently, we had an employee who didn’t follow a set of rules that were in place to protect their and others’ safety, which meant we needed advice on how to proceed with disciplinary action.

“Citation offered us invaluable advice on the correct procedures, next relevant steps and how to keep records of the discussions. Thanks to this, we’ve been able to follow through with the rules that were originally in place to protect others.”

Value when they need it most

Our online management platform – Atlas – has become a key cog in the smooth running of A & S Paving.

“The Atlas system has been brilliant for both the staff and our record keeping. To have everything to hand and all in one place is great – without it, it’d be like taking a step backwards,” Sabrena said.

“The advice we receive off Citation is exceptional too, you never feel like the questions you ask are irrelevant or not important.”

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