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Worksafe PQQ

Do you want your business to be recognised for its high standards in areas such as environmental and quality management? We’ve got you.

Worksafe PQQ accreditation is a powerful way to show customers your business meets a number of pre-tender requirements.

Do you want to prove your business is compliant in areas such as environmental and quality management? Worksafe PQQ accreditation is the answer. You’ll stand out for meeting best practices in many areas of your business. Helping you win more business, save time and money, and reduce your carbon footprint. 

This accreditation brings big benefits for your business and your clients. You’ll get support with putting together the information needed to show you hit the required standards, making it easy for customers and clients to see that your business is compliant. Your Worksafe PQQ accreditation journey is simple with us by your side.

How we work with you

Get you Worksafe PQQ accredited

Complexity is not our style. We focus on keeping Worksafe PQQ accreditation straightforward, and we stick to that. Our PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionaire) has been built to comply with PAS 91 standards, so you can be confident that your business can bid on work that uses the PAS 91 framework. We can get you accredited in no time.

We’ll help prove you reach the highest standards

Looking to show off your highest standards of practice? With Worksafe PQQ accreditation, you’ll gain proof that your business goes beyond Health & Safety accreditation, by showing you’re reliable, ethical, and sustainable.

Create bespoke policies and documents

With our additional service, Assist, we’ll help create policies and documents that are tailored to your business. Ideal if you’re looking at these areas for the first time. We’ll take care of the worry so you can get on with the work.

Ready to find out just how simple Health & Safety Accreditation can be? Fill out your details in the form on the right and we’ll be in touch. Need more info? Visit the Smas Worksafe site to find out how our specialist team can help.

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The benefits of Worksafe PQQ Accreditation

Saves you time and money

With Worksafe PQQ accreditation, you’ll streamline your tendering process, saving you time and money. By showing you meet the required standards for a contract, you can compete for more tenders and win more work. Go after those bigger and better opportunities!

Win more business

Give yourself a competitive advantage over your competitors with Worksafe PQQ accreditation. You’ll make your business more attractive to customers and clients with proof that you meet the standards of PAS 91. Helping you win more business and boost profits.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Show the world, and your clients that you’re committed to reducing your carbon footprint with preferred supplier status. By creating more efficient practices along the path to accreditation, you’ll cut your carbon emissions and remain compliant at the same time. It’s a win-win.

Show customers you’re up to those high standards today!

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