Standard DBS Checks

Make better hiring decisions, protect your business and your team – sound good? That’s what Standard DBS Checks are here for.

Give yourself the peace of mind that you’re bringing in the right person for the role and your organisation by getting insights on any spent or unspent convictions, cautions, final warning or reprimands an applicant may have.

Hiring for a role with specific eligibility criteria? Think FCA-regulated positions like accountants and financial advisors, solicitors or roles in health and social care. Then you probably need a Standard DBS check, and we can help with just that.

Unlike a Basic DBS Check, employers (and prospective employers) have to request a Standard DBS check on behalf of their candidate. But that means more time and money spent on admin that you probably don’t want or need. That’s why our speedy, efficient and great-value Standard DBS Checking service can take all that off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture. And with an average turnaround time of just 48 hours, just think how much shorter we can get that to-do list for you.

How we work with you

Guide you every step of the way

You’ll have help on hand throughout the application process. Want to make sure you’ve provided the right documents? Our online platform is on it! You’ll know exactly what you need to make a successful application and you’ll get step-by-step guidance as you go. And we’ll even be there to check your application before sending it to the DBS. We like to get things right first time!

Results are ready in just 48 hours on average

You want speedy service and quick results, right? Leave it with us.  On average, this is just 48 hours for Standard DBS Checks. You’ll know as soon as the DBS Check is complete, with an email letting you know the result.

A simple and easy-to-use online platform

Your Standard DBS Check applications are simple with our online platform, Atlas. Ready to streamline and speed things along? Atlas talks you through everything, pointing you in the right direction and making sure your DBS Check journey is a smooth one. You can track your applications at every step and get downloadable results as soon as they’re ready. And even better, all this at no extra cost!

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The benefits of Standard DBS Checks

Keep your workplace safe

Keeping your workplace safe is a top priority. Using a Standard DBS Check, you can be sure that you spot any causes for concern early in the hiring process. Only you can request a Standard DBS Check on behalf of an applicant, and this will let you know whether the applicant is barred from working with certain people or within certain industries.

Make confident hiring decisions

The hiring process isn’t easy. The last thing you want is to overthink whether you’ve picked the right candidate for a role. Standard DBS Checks make a hiring manager’s life a little easier. And with an average turnaround time of 48 hours, you can quickly make hiring decisions that work best for your business.

Meet legal requirements

There are several sectors that require Standard DBS Checks, including Education and Care. It’s crucial that these checks are in place to protect you and the vulnerable people you might work with. With Standard DBS Checks, you can rest assured that you’re complying with current legislation and keeping everyone safe.

Ready to protect your workplace?

You want the safest working environment for everyone stepping foot inside your workplace; we know that. With Standard DBS Checks, you can help make sure you’re choosing the best applicants for your team.

No matter your industry or size, we can help you with straightforward guidance and rapid turnarounds when it comes to DBS checks.

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