Does age always bring results?

After a record breaking three sackings on last night’s Apprentice, Lord Sugar made it abundantly clear that Team Summit won because they chose the correct YouTube channel collaborator. However how close were they to choosing possibly the wrong option because of their potentially discriminatory perceptions in respect of age?

Solomon had a choice to make between a younger video logger with a high number of followers, or an older more established video logger with a lower number of followers. An obvious choice you would think?

However Solomon’s team’s judgement was clouded by the comparative age of the two candidates. Eventually the decision was passed to Solomon, some members of the team felt picking the younger candidate was a risk, “I wouldn’t have wanted to make that decision, that was a tough call and it’s on Solomon’s head now”.

However from a statistical point of view there was no risk in Solomon’s decision and inevitably choosing the right person for the job won his team the task.

When recruiting staff all businesses should remember that they are looking for the best person to employ for the role, and that age should never be considered when looking for the most suitable candidate for the position.

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