Managing employees with symptoms of COVID-19

Managing remotely

The government announced that as of 22 September, businesses that can enforce remote working for their people should do so. This is to combat the spread of coronavirus however some workplaces simply can’t facilitate homeworking due to the nature of their business.

With coronavirus cases continually rising, making sure you know exactly what to do should an employee present with symptoms is vital to keeping your business COVID-secure and to protect your other employees.

To ensure you’re remaining compliant and taking the necessary steps to keep your business and people safe, our Health & Safety experts have put together a brand-new guide on how to manage employees who present COVID-19 symptoms, or if they receive a positive test result. To download your free copy, simply fill in the form opposite.

Please note: this is guidance for businesses based in ENGLAND. If you’re based in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, please refer to the relevant government advice.

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