Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella risk assessment

Legionella risk assessments play an integral role in ensuring your water systems (i.e. water tanks or tap outlets) are healthy, and free from any conditions that could lead to legionella bacteria growth.

At its worst, legionella can take lives. Which is why every single business that has a water system has a legal obligation to maintain it, to prevent the growth and spread of potentially fatal bacteria.

With Citation by your side, you can get on with running your business, with full peace of mind that your water systems are safe and legally sound.

What you get

An experienced and qualified assessor will:

  • Check the condition of all your water systems
  • Make sure your water temperatures are within the range that stops legionella bacteria breeding
  • Drain and purge hot water tanks and expansion vessels
  • Clean and adjust the temperatures of Thermostatic Mixing Valves
  • Clean and disinfect any water tanks
  • Identify any deficiencies found and provide you with action points
  • Provide you with a quote for remedial work
  • Issue you with a detailed report so that you can prove your water system’s been assessed, and that any servicing has been completed.

In addition, we can offer the following services too:

  • Clean and disinfect all your shower heads
  • Descale all your taps/outlets
  • Check all your outlet temperatures and adjust your water heaters.

Why choose us?

  • All the assessors we use are subject to internal quality checks, are accredited and externally endorsed, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.
  • We’ll provide you with expert support and advice post-assessment, too.
  • We’ll always provide you with relevant reports and a quote for remedial action after your legionella risk assessment, so that you can act on any recommendations.
  • All our work is 100% warranted, and we’re fully insured with public liability across all our assessors.

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For more information on our risk assessment compliance, get in touch with our dedicated Health & Safety Support team on 0345 241 5250 or use our Contact Us page.

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