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Located in South Cheshire, Apples and Pears prides itself on offering a fun, loving, challenging and safe environment for 200 full and part time children.

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A Q&A with the Nursery Owner

Sue, before partnering with Citation what were the main issues you faced as a nursery?

A huge issue for any nursery or day care provider is the assurance of the Health and the Safety of your children.

Together with that is the suitability of staff to look after those children and ensuring that you are continually meeting with regulations of the law and bodies such as Ofsted.

What made you decide to partner with Citation for Health & Safety and Employment Law support?

I really liked what I saw from the first time I met with a Citation representative. We had never come across any online systems which allowed us to do what the Citation systems do.

To have a simple, pictorial based risk assessment system as well as a central area to hold employee records helps to run the business a whole lot easier. Everything is so easily accessible and simple to use.

All of the systems, together with regular updates, ongoing support and full documentation provision, saves us so much time and gives us reassurance which we didn't have before.

Which part of the service do you think has helped you the most?

Just knowing that there is always someone there to answer any question or help with any issue you might come across is brilliant.

It can be really difficult to find relevant updates and information without a team of professionals on board.

Citation is very clever in the way that they steer the information they provide to you.

They make sure it is relevant to the childcare sector so you're not over bombarded with information which you don't need.

Do you feel any more prepared for an Ofsted inspection since having Citation on board?

Absolutely. Having the confidence that we're doing as much as we can with regards to Health & Safety and knowing that we are provided with any legal updates we need is very reassuring.

So, why outsource when it costs money?

Some business owners might wonder if they can justify outsourcing these areas – not me, I like to be able to sleep at night!

I like to be confident that the policies I have in place are watertight and up to date should anyone request to see them.

It's also a great feeling to know that should we ever have a serious issue, Citation are a team of professional experts behind me, meaning I'm not alone in an area which I am not an expert in.

Would you recommend Citation to other nurseries?

Yes I would absolutely recommend Citation. In this sector you are subjected to so many different areas of focus, and Health & Safety and Employment Law are areas which you can't afford to not get right.

I have a fantastic relationship with both of my designated consultants and find that having someone there to guide me through is an invaluable part of my business.

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