How Citation is ‘Covid Secure’

Citation has taken steps to ensure it’s managing the risk of Covid-19 across the business. We have:

  1. Encouraged all of our colleagues to work from home including those in the higher risk category, less than 3% of our colleagues are in the office.  The rest of us are happily working from home with full access to our systems;
  2. Sickness procedures in place for colleagues displaying symptoms
  3. Provided PPE and RPE
  4. Implemented social distancing in our office spaces and stepped up hygiene requirements;
  5. Introduced dynamic risk assessment before entering a client’s premises for colleagues who visit other premises
  6. Kept colleagues up to date as we make changes to our working practices through information and training;
  7. Implemented a policy and assessed our business in line with existing government guidelines;
  8. Communicated all of the requirements to our colleagues.

We will continually review our risk assessments and policies on Covid19 to ensure they reflect our working practices and government guidance.

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