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Actionpoint was founded in 1975, and is now a fast growing packaging solutions business, who provide a variety of packaging materials and solutions to businesses across the UK and Europe.

Their pain points

Before they teamed up with us, like most businesses, Actionpoint struggled with a lack of basic understanding of what the law required of them, and what the best practices were in terms of looking after their employees.

Enter Citation…

That all stopped when they signed up with us though.

Luke Pollard, a Partner at Actionpoint, said: “Since joining up with Citation, I haven’t had to worry about things I wouldn’t otherwise understand.

“Someone’s always at the end of the phone or on hand to respond to an email if ever I have any questions. Citation have worked through several specific situations with me, teaching me the next steps and best practices from start to end.”

When they needed us most

“We once had a Health & Safety issue after an employee injured their leg on a forklift and had to go to hospital. Citation were by our side and helped us through the situation to make sure everything that should be in place was,” Luke spoke.

“Fortunately, it didn’t have to go through to RIDDOR in the end, but we prepared ourselves for it to be safe.”

By their side during difficult times

Over the last few years, Actionpoint have been faced with several sets of redundancies – a situation nobody enjoys, and one in which must be handled with great care and precision.

Luke spoke of his experience: “Each time we went through redundancies, Citation were very helpful with a) advice and thinking things through, and b) helping us take action – compliantly – with anything from redundancy letters and processes, to the payments at the end of it.”

We’ve got their back

Before Actionpoint teamed up with us, Luke would have to teach himself Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law legislation online – both time and money consuming.

Thankfully, those days are long gone.

“Having someone at the end of the phone or email to answer any specific questions and tell you what to do and what the best practice is, is invaluable,” Luke said.

“Citation offer quality and experience we wouldn’t otherwise have. Without them, our business would be less safe.”

Our pride and joy

Here at Citation, we’re always telling businesses that they’re only as good as their employees – and that’s certainly no different for ourselves.

When asked about our Health & Safety and HR & Employment Law consultants, Luke said: “They’re a good blend between being friendly and approachable, but at the same time knowing their stuff and keeping me on the right side of the law.”

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