Allteks Ltd

Allteks Ltd is a leading IT company providing business it support and managed IT services across Kent, London and the South East.

After working with Citation for over a year, they decided to take advantage of our On-Site HR support, to help them put the right processes in place to achieve the growth ambitions and vision they had for the future of their business.

Their pain points

As a growing and ambitious company, Allteks knew that they needed to make sure their team was performing as best they can to help drive the business forward.

However, with no HR experience internally, they turned to Citation’s HR On-Site Days to get an expert eye on their HR processes to make sure they had the right foundations to implement their vision for the company.

Toyin Aromire, CEO of Allteks commented:

“We are a growing company and have great ambitions. However, I understand that to achieve our ambitions and vision, we need our employees to be the best they can and we as an organisation have to give them a chance of being successful at the job, so that we all can look forward to achieving our goal and be excited doing it.”

“Sometimes, you need a second, unbiased opinion because we are usually too close to the source and you need some objectivity when making decisions that are important.”

One-to-one, expert support

The decision to invest in the more hands-on, one-to-one support that On-Site HR Days can offer was the perfect way for Toyin and his team to have an objective HR expert assess where they were at.

Our consultant’s professional support helped them get a view on the areas of their HR that needed some attention and bolstering in order get the right foundations in place for growth:

“We ordinarily don’t have any HR experience internally and so having an HR presence has made a huge difference.”

“We feel like we are now on track to implementing our ambitious plans and vision for the business. This would not have been completely possible without an HR presence.”

“A breath of fresh air”

When it came to working with the Citation team, Toyin was thrilled with the professionalism, commercial knowledge and thorough understanding of Allteks that their consultant brought to the table:

“They were a breath of fresh air… always professional and [we] always feel better with the knowledge gleaned from the presence of our consultant.”

Happily recommended

When asked if he would recommend Citation and On-Site HR Days to other businesses, it was a resounding “yes” from Toyin.

He said: “Yes, I happily will. Our consultant was very helpful with providing information to help us get prepared.”

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