BA Systems

BA Systems

BA Systems have been designing, manufacturing and installing top quality handrail and balustrade systems for more than 20 years.

In a nutshell, their mission is to enhance the stability and quality of life through innovation, care and optimism. To help them achieve this, they teamed up with us for Health & Safety support.

Their pain points

Before they teamed up with us, BA Systems struggled to get the end-to-end Health & Safety service they wanted and needed. Ben Hynd, their Marketing Manager, said: “The support we got from previous providers was unreliable and inconsistent, and there wasn’t always someone available when we needed them.”

But that all stopped when they partnered with us. With our online management platform – Atlas –and our 24/7 advice line, BA Systems finally found what they were looking for.

Ben spoke: “Teaming up with Citation has helped us because it gives us access to lots of training courses to use, and their advice line is a very good fall back point for advice whenever we need it.”

A world without Citation

Without us, life at BA Systems wouldn’t be quite so peaceful. “We wouldn’t have the peace of mind that we have now, or the knowledge and back-up we get from a business like Citation,” Ben said.

Adding: “Their consultants are professional, helpful and very knowledgeable, and I’d certainly recommend them to other businesses.”

Managing the day-to-day

Our online platform, Atlas, is intuitive, paperless, secure and tailored, and it’s been designed to take the hassle out of day-to-day Health & Safety management.

Ben said: “We regularly use Atlas’ training courses and the audit actions following our site visits. Atlas’ accident reporting, risk assessment and method statement functions are also areas we’re looking to utilise too.”

Citation in one sentence

“A professional an organised business that has the necessary skillset and knowledge bank to provide relevant advice.”

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