Flo’s Friends

Flo’s Friends is a community care and support services provider, based in Boston, Lincolnshire. They were established back in 2015 and offer a range of services including long and short-term care, assistance accessing the community, domestic assistance, specialised dementia care and 24-hour assistance.

After two years of benefiting from our core HR and Health & Safety services, they decided to upgrade Atlas elearning and take advantage of the CPD certified and RoSPA approved courses available through Atlas certified elearning.

Their pain points

Before teaming up with Citation, Flo’s Friends used three separate services, one for HR assistance, one for their Health & Safety needs and third for training. As a not-for-profit provider, naturally, the expense of training became quite overwhelming.

Amy Elding, the Owner and Manager of Flo’s Friends commented:

“The biggest frustration we had trying to incorporate training into our organisation was the expense which, for a not-for-profit provider, is huge!

“It also puts staff off doing training when they have to travel to do so. Time is precious, and we don’t have much of it.”

Certified training, all in one place

The decision to upgrade to Atlas certified elearning was a game-changing one for Amy and her team:

“Citation offers all that training in one place via Atlas certified elearning, and staff can complete it all in the comfort of their own homes, making it a lot more accessible.”

“The care-based courses are now used by all of our staff and I personally use the courses based around management.”

“E-learning is much more effective for our staff as it isn’t forced learning. The courses can be done in their own home, at their own pace and when they feel in the right frame of mind.”

“They are easily updated and Atlas certified elearning’s system of emailing each member of staff when their courses are due for renewal means that no one should ever have out of date training.”

Accessible and enjoyable

Now that her people no longer have to access three different systems to complete their training or to get other HR tasks done – such as booking holidays – managing her business is now easier and more accurate for her, while training has become more enjoyable for her people.

Amy said: “All of our staff have found Citation easy to use, less time consuming and much more enjoyable than having three different systems. Being able to book their holidays online without waiting to fill in a paper form is easier and more accurate.”

Their seal of approval

When it comes to recommending Citation and Atlas certified elearning to other business, it was a resounding “yes” from Amy.

She said: “Definitely! It’s a great system and has saved our company a lot of precious time and money!”

“If we stopped using Atlas certified elearning tomorrow it would have a huge effect on our business. We would have to start sourcing HR systems, Health & Safety systems and elearning again.”

“The paperwork which is keeping us compliant, hundreds of policies and procedures and risk assessments would all have to be renewed. This would cost our company a lot of time and money and also upset to our staff and patients.”

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