Kinsey Premier Services

Kinsey Premier Services is a family-run business offering grounds maintenance services in the UK. Operating for over a decade, they look after all types of outdoor spaces from gardens to sports grounds.

Their pain points

Kinsey Premier Services realised the service they were using wasn’t working for their business anymore. They needed something bigger and better to match their business growth – something more comprehensive and detailed, which also helped with things like employee development. And so they knocked on our door.

Better together – efficiency, communication and expert support

Clear communication and keeping your teams all on the same page is a must when you run a busy horticultural business. And that’s been a key benefit of working with us. Using our HR and Health & Safety management technology, Atlas, the teams have access to a company calendar so everyone is on the same page, with all key information easily accessible.

Operations Manager Elliot Kinsey added: “Citation has played a pivotal role in revolutionising our organisation’s communication…it’s empowered our employees to work together, resulting in a strong sense of unity.”

Something all businesses have to deal with every now and then is employee disputes – and Kinsey Premier Services isn’t an exception. Luckily our HR consultants were on hand to help them manage a tricky employee conflict and make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible – and we’re always on hand in case anything else pops up, too.

“Enlisting the services of Citation has been a game-changer”

Handing over tricky, time-consuming HR tasks to us has allowed Kinsey Premier Services to win back a whole lot of time and focus on what they do best. And by taking on Atlas Upskill, our certified e-learning package, their employees are even more competent and confident, and their service delivery only keeps getting better.

“Investing in training shows our unwavering commitment to our clients…they can rest assured that our team is well-prepared and capable of providing exceptional service. With a solution like Atlas Upskill, we’ve created an environment that fosters growth and instils confidence”.

“Indispensable services and pivotal in ensuring business excellence”

When it comes to working with the team at Citation, Elliot loves the professionalism and friendliness he gets every time he contacts us.

“The clear legal advice and guidance is worth every penny, and the peace of mind and protection makes the investment well worth it.

“Truthfully, I wholeheartedly recommend Citation to any business seeking efficiency, professionalism and success. They are instrumental in achieving these goals and play a pivotal role in ensuring business excellence. Their services are indispensable, and I would confidently endorse them to any company that values their own growth and achievements.”

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