Little Jungle Nursery

Little Jungle Nursery

Little Jungle Nursery is a privately-owned, early years pre-school based in London. It provides up to 85 children between 10 months and five-years-old with quality care and education.

Complete peace of mind

Caroline El-Semman, Director of Little Jungle, said: “Since we’ve been working with Citation, we feel really confident because we know we can just call up and say right, we think we know what we need to do here, but it’s just a question of following processes.

“We now have that peace of mind of having someone coming in and saying ‘don’t forget that little bit there as well’ and ‘have you done that bit?’ and ‘have you got the right paperwork in place?’.”

A life without Citation

“If I stopped using Citation tomorrow I’d be really anxious, all of the time. They’re just my right hand man that I have behind me.” Caroline spoke.

Adding: “They’re invisible, but they are there, and it makes me feel really reassured that I’m doing all the right things and that I’m doing the best for our personnel – because I think it’s really important to invest in and be really good to your employees.

“But to also know that I’m looking after the business, and that I’m not putting the business at any risk at any point. I can’t imagine my life without Citation basically – for me, they’re there forever, it’s complete peace of mind.”

Our superstars

Here at Citation, we pride ourselves on our industry-leading HR & Employment Law experts – something Caroline can certainly testify to.

She said: “Citation’s consultants are super friendly, I think that’s the one thing that really stands out when you first start talking to them. They’re also really knowledgeable and you can tell they’re really experienced.

“If they’re not sure about something they always come back to me. They’re really professional and always follow everything up, so I never have to chase anyone.

“I know that if they say to me ‘I’m not quite sure about this, I need to discuss it with a few colleagues internally because it’s a bit more tricky’, that within the day they’ll come back to me either by email or by phone. They’re really reliable and supportive.”

A cut above the rest

“We were with a similar provider previously, but when I reviewed my contract I spoke to Citation as one of the alternative providers, and I just felt that they understood the education sector and that they understood my business,” Caroline said.

“Citation were so much more personal than the other providers out there and I felt I could work with them. The language they use day-to-day when they’re sending me letters and templates to use is just so much closer to our values at Little Jungle.

“We don’t want to be very formal and make people feel scared, it’s just about being clear in our communication of what the rules and the laws are.

“If we’re taking someone through a disciplinary procedure we’re not trying to scare them, we’re just trying to make them clear that we’re serious, but at the same time still human, and I really got that sense of human-ness from Citation, so that was a big, big plus for us.”

Their seal of approval

Would they recommend us? Of course! Caroline said: “I would recommend Citation – and I have done already. I’ve got a friend who’s had a complete nightmare with his own business and he was telling me all kinds of crazy things that ‘ve happened to him, and I said you need Citation, because they’re brilliant!”

Citation in one sentence

“My 100% complete peace of mind.”

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