The Landscaping Company

The Landscaping Company is a major player in the world of commercial ground maintenance and commercial landscaping, and has been in business for more than 20 years. With everything from grass cutting show homes to landscaping new build housing estates, it puts patience, imagination and hard work at the core of every project.

I’d recommend Citation with great confidence because I believe in everything they do for businesses.

How we help

Whether it’s Health & Safety or HR & Employment Law-related, should they need us, we’re by their side every second of the day. Graham Turner, Director at The Landscaping Company, said: “I can’t say enough about Citation’s support.

“When you’re running a business there are a lot of different attributes to it, and if someone can help in the background with the stuff you’re not comfortable with, then it’s a massive help to your business, and you can then also focus on your customers, running your day-to-day business and your staff.”

Value all the way

For Graham, the risk assessment templates on our online platform – Atlas, are invaluable.

“Before, I was a bit piecemeal with it and not wholly up-to-date with them and the legislation, but if you delve into that it’s all about speed, it’s all about facts and it’s all about getting it correct, and all this works hand in glove with Citation,” Graham spoke.

“Everything is accessible in Atlas. If I need an answer I don’t have to go trawling through the internet, and that’s part of the time-saving exercise that Citation is massively good at.”

A life without Citation

So, what does a world without Citation look like?

Graham answered: “We wouldn’t be fully converse with the legislation as it comes through, it would take me a long time to get the paperwork together that I need to tender for work – especially with national builders, and my stress levels would go sky high, so it would affect our business greatly if there wasn’t somebody like Citation in place.”

Their seal of approval

Graham, who actually won himself a trip to India with our refer a friend scheme, would absolutely recommend us: “I’d recommend Citation with great confidence because I believe in everything I’m saying, and I believe in everything that Citation does for businesses.”

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