Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Data Collection is a fresh and vibrant business based in Scotland. It caters for all aspects of data collection work for use in transport planning, economic assessment, traffic modelling and traffic engineering.

Their pain points

Before teaming up with us, keeping up to speed with Health & Safety legislation was a constant struggle. Quentin Reynolds, Managing Director at Traffic Data Collection, said: “We’re a small business, and so aren’t as well resourced as some of our rivals.

“As a result, it made it harder for us to keep up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations. If we were busy, there was always a small chance of letting something slip, too.”

Helping to build their brand

Since working in partnership with us, Traffic Data Collection’s noticed notable benefits across the business.

Quentin spoke: “Having an independent consultant for Health & Safety matters helps to boost our profile in bids but, more importantly, it ensures all or employees are safe on-site and in the office.

“Citation’s expert and friendly advice gives us complete peace of mind that our staff are safe.”

Prevention is better than cure

“We haven’t had any incidents yet, but now we know that we have an even greater chance of preventing an accident, and know that if one were to occur, it’d be thoroughly investigated and prevented from happening again in the future,” Quentin said.

A life without Citation

For Traffic Data Collection, a life without us is unthinkable. “Without Citation, standards could slip and someone could get hurt – you can’t put a price on someone being killed or injured,” Quentin added.

“Their online platform – Atlas – is very user-friendly and a comprehensive way of ensuring and recording that staff are up-to-date with their Health & Safety training, too.”

Their seal of approval

When asked how he’d describe our consultants, Quentin said: “Amiable, knowledgeable and always willing to help.”

Adding: “I’d certainly recommend Citation. They can boost your company profile in bids, keep you up-to-date with Health & Safety matters, and keep both you and your employees safe.”

Citation in one sentence

“Expertise and support that’s just a phone call or email away.”

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