Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep on top of Health & Safety in a care setting?

If taking control of Health & Safety is new for you, or your just need a refresher, our Health & Safety checks for care guide is the ideal place to start.

From access and bedrails, drugs and clinical waste to staff welfare and legionella risk, we cover all of the topics you need to consider to start keeping on top of the important stuff.

How do I recruit and keep hold of great staff in my care service?

Finding and keeping hold of great care providers has never been tougher. With a shortage of skills and historically low unemployment rates, how can you invest in your most values asset – your people – on a budget?

Our guide to recruiting and retaining talent in your care service is packed full of tips for recruiting the right people and how to keep them engaged and happy.

How do I prepare for an inspection?

Have you got an inspection looming over your care service? Do you want to be able to achieve that all-important ‘Excellent’ rating?
Our Care Business Manager, Mick Feather, has used his experience as a former CQC Inspector to produce the ultimate guide to care inspections, packed full with over 100 tips on how to improve your care service in time for your next inspection.

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