Health and Safety Executive begins focus on legionella in care establishments


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is currently focusing on legionella controls in care services across the UK. To make sure you stay compliant and protect your service users and staff from any risks, our Health & Safety experts have put together a list of essential measures you must have in place, as a minimum.

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  • An up-to-date Legionella Risk Assessment completed by a competent person. It’s advisable, that this is completed by an external specialist organisation and reviewed or completed within the last two years, or more frequently if the risk level requires it.
  • Compliance with the action plan and remedial works required by the Legionella Risk Assessment.
  • Make sure monitoring checks are being completed as per the scheme of control. Checks should include, as a minimum:
    1. Monthly temperature checks of hot and cold outlets (both the sentinels and a representative sample of other outlets)
    2. Regular maintenance of any thermostatic mixing valves, which should include fail-safe checks, and regular cleaning of filters
    3. Quarterly disinfection of showerheads – including spray taps in the pot wash area of kitchens
    4. Weekly running of infrequently used outlets
    5. Temperature checks on calorifiers (if fitted)
    6. Blow down of any pressure relief valves associated with the calorifier and
    7. Dead legs are identified with an instruction to remove or manage
    8. Bacterial monitoring – when identified as part of the risk assessment
  • Staff training – in particular for those completing the routine checks, as well as the identified Responsible Person. An awareness course is available on Atlas, however, more formal training may be necessary.
  • Where water treatment systems and additional filters are in place, make sure these are also being managed and maintained.

How Citation can help

If you have any questions about how to keep your care service protected from legionella risks, or if you’d like guidance on your risk assessments and awareness around legionella, you can c0ntact our team of Health & Safey experts 24/7 on 0345 844 4848.

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