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Fire Alarm Servicing

Fire alarms save lives. Which is why every single business is legally required to service and maintain them at least twice a year. And that’s not the only requirement. Alarms must be serviced by a competent person, who holds relevant training and qualifications.

With us by your side, you can sleep safe in the knowledge that all your alarms will always perform when needed.

What you get

Twice a year, an experienced and qualified technician will:

  • Check the condition of all your fire alarm devices
  • Make sure your alarms sound as expected when required
  • Test the condition and power of your standby batteries
  • Ensure the link to your alarm centre is working
  • Identify any deficiencies found and provide you with action points
  • Provide an on the spot quote for corrective action, like the replacement of faulty heads, batteries or sounders, for example
  • Issue you with a certificate so that you can prove your alarms have been serviced.

Why choose us

  • We conduct internal quality checks, are externally endorsed and all our engineers are accredited, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands
  • Our pricing is transparent. We understand that calculating the number of alarms you have can be a faff, so we’ve based our pricing model on the size of your business
  • After every service or test, we’ll always provide you with relevant reports and certificates so that you can action on recommendations and prove your alarms have been serviced
  • All our work is 100% warranted, and we’re fully insured with public liability across all our technicians and assessors.

All our team are experienced and highly qualified.

For more information on our Fire Alarm Servicing, get in touch with our dedicated Additional Services Team on 0345 241 5250 or by using our Contact Us page

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