Managing sickness absence

Managing employee sickness is a tricky balance. You don’t want to be unsympathetic, but when people are regularly off sick, it’s bad news for your business.

Is staff sickness causing you a headache?

Working out if someone is genuinely sick, demotivated or just taking the mickey is very difficult. We’ve over 20 years’ experience of getting this balancing act right. We’ll help you to have hard conversations with individuals, but we can help you solve any deeper problems with your corporate culture too.

Let us take away the pain

We’ll work with you to introduce an online Absence Management Programme that really makes a difference. It’ll mean you’ll be able to easily spot trends like regular sickness, absence and lateness and do something about them. If people are genuinely long-term sick, we’ll help you to manage your responsibilities too.

But that’s not all. We’ll help to ensure your business is a safe and healthy place to work. And we’ll help you with engagement strategies that’ll build a harder-working, more motivated team in the long term. So, you’ll be able to concentrate on building a healthy business instead.

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