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ISO Certification

Do you want to take your business to the next level? We can help.

ISO certifications are powerful improvement tools that add credibility to your business and show you’re all about high standards.

Want to continually improve your business practices? ISO certifications are the answer. Whether your goal is to improve Health & Safety, cut your carbon footprint or protect your information security, we can help you achieve it. Stand out for having best-in-class processes, win more tenders and see your profits soar. And what’s more, ISO management systems help your business become extra efficient and compliant by streamlining processes and reducing errors. So you can power your business forward.

These internationally-recognised Standards are a win-win for you and your customers. And we can help you achieve certification in just 45 days. Your ISO journey is easy with one of the UK’s leading certification bodies by your side (that’s us!) because we support you every step of the way.

How we work with you

ISO certification made simple

We believe in keeping ISO certification simple, so that’s exactly what we do. With our straightforward three-step process, you can gain ISO certification in as little as 45 days. Your new management system will be created by us and tailored to you, saving you time and money. You’ll get all the help you need throughout your ISO journey. So whether ISOs are completely new to you or you just need some advice, we’re here to help.

Reduced risks and costs with guidance from us

Being proactive prevents risks and saves money, which is why ISO certification is so great! You’ll get the advice and guidance you need from us to help you better your processes and practices. So you’re continually working towards your business’ full potential.

Manage your ISOs with our easy online management system hub

You’ll instantly gain access to our online management system hub, Atlas. Created with your business in mind, Atlas is all about making your ISO journey easy. With a variety of customisable templates, real-time task notifications and reporting all built in, you’ll have everything at your fingertips. Making it simple for you to achieve and maintain ISO compliance. What’s even better, there’s no extra cost.

Ready to find out more? Call us on 0161 850 2525 to speak to one of our ISO certification experts.

What happens if my organisation fails the ISO certification audit?

We provide a comprehensive report after the ISO certification audit, identifying any areas of nonconformance that need to be addressed to progress to certification being awarded. Support is available at no additional cost, relating to these and any other related issues so that your organisation can make the required changes in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing.

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The benefits of achieving ISO certification

Boosted profits with cost savings

Become more efficient with your resources. ISO certification helps you to reduce costs by spotting ways of improving the day-to-day running of your business. With streamlined processes and practices, you’ll reduce errors and customer complaints, boosting your business’ profits.

Win more business

Bigger and better opportunities sound great, right? ISO certification helps you win more business by meeting your customers’ requirements when it comes to holding certificates. Want to go after a government contract? ISO certification will help with that. So for bigger business wins, get ISO certified.

Shows the world you’re up to high standards

Show your dedication to consistency and best practices with ISO certification. These certifications promote growth and boost your reputation with Standards recognised worldwide. Giving you the all important competitive edge against others.

Realise your business’ full potential today!

Want to prove your business has what it takes? Get ISO certified and show that to the rest of the world.  

No matter your industry, no matter your size, we can get you certified in as little as 45 days. All the support, none of the hassle. Call us on 0161 850 2525 to find out how.

We’re ready when you are.

ISO Certification FAQs

  • What is ISO certification?

    ISO certification is a system of Standards used by companies and businesses to show their commitment to improving practices across a range of products and services. Whether it’s to illustrate quality management, reduce your carbon footprint, safeguard your information security or showcase your commitment to Health & Safety, ISO certification helps transform the efficiency of your business by streamlining processes to ensure compliance and reduce errors.

  • What are the benefits of ISO Certification?

    ISO certification demonstrates your business’ commitment to quality and continual improvement across the organisation. It provides a framework for your business to improve its operations; reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction. Improve the day-to-day operations by streamlining processes and cutting out time-consuming processes. 

    Showcasing your dedication to meeting the Standards for ISO certification opens the door to lots more exciting business opportunities with bigger contracts, meaning increased profits for your business!

  • What types of ISO certifications are available?

    Here at Citation, we have a range of different ISO certification Standards that we can help your business achieve. These include: 

    • ISO 9001 – The most recognised international quality management system Standard.
    • ISO 14001 – Showcases your business’ commitment to reducing its environmental impact. 
    • ISO 45001 – Prioritises the Health & Safety of your employees and visitors. 
    • ISO 45003 – Illustrates your commitment to boosting mental health and productivity in the workplace. 
    • ISO 27001 – The information security Standard that protects sensitive data both online and offline.
    • ISO 50001 – Increases the energy efficiency of your business and helps you to reduce unwanted costs. 
    • ISO 22301 – Demonstrates the strength and resilience of your business during periods of disruption.

    Contact us to find out how we can help get your business ISO certified today!

  • What are the requirements for ISO certification?

    The requirements for ISO certification depend on the Standard or Standards you are aiming to achieve. Whatever ISO Standard you choose, we’re here to help you meet the requirements needed to receive ISO certification.

  • How is ISO certification assessed?

    ISO certification is assessed by one of our ISO auditors. They will review the relevant management system and ensure it meets the standards of your desired ISO. Then we simply recommend you for certification.

  • How long is my ISO certification valid for?

    Your initial ISO certification will last for one year, then the certification cycle will begin. At Citation, we operate a three-year certification cycle process. The process involves a series of audits carried out over a three-year cycle, known as re-certification and surveillance audits. The re-certification audit will take place at the end of your initial one-year certification period. If successful, a second certification will be awarded that lasts for a period of three years. Surveillance audits will then take place after your first year. The cycle is then repeated as long as you remain certified with Citation.

  • Can ISO certification be revoked?

    If following a re-certification audit it is found that the management system doesn’t meet the ISO certification requirements, then ISO certification can be revoked.

  • What is the difference between ISO certification and accreditation?

     ISO certification involves an independent third-party, like Citation, who audits your company’s operations and determines whether your business meets the requirements for certification. Accreditation is a recognition of the competence of the body that performs the certification. We are recognised as fully accredited by the Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (ASCB) to carry out certification audits for ISO certification Standards.

  • How do I choose the right ISO certification?

    Every business will have different needs and requirements to enhance its operations. Review each of the ISO Standards to decide which Standards are best for your business. Want to tighten up your information security to eradicate data breaches? Then ISO 27001 is the Standard to strive for. It may be beneficial for your business to achieve multiple ISO certifications, and Citation can help, courtesy of our integrated management system, where you can manage multiple ISOs all in one place with Atlas. Get in touch to find out more.

  • What are the steps involved in getting ISO certified?

    Our simple three-step process is streamlined and simple, ensuring your business is in the best possible hands to achieve that all-important ISO certification. 

    Initially, we’ll assess your current processes to see how they match up with the criteria of your chosen ISO Standard. We offer bespoke consultancy services for you to take advantage of, so you have all the support you need. 

    Then, you’ll have access to our online management platform Atlas, where you can view all the materials and resources, including editable templates and automated reminders to ensure you stay on track. You can check for any non-conformities that need to be addressed before you achieve certification.

    The final step involves a thorough check from one of our ISO Auditors who will review everything to ensure all the necessary changes are made. Then, you’ll be recommended for certification. It’s as easy as that!

  • Is ISO certification required for all industries?

    ISO certification isn’t a requirement across every industry. It’s a voluntary process that businesses just like yours can choose to complete to demonstrate your commitment to meeting international quality standards and improving processes.

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