How to Boost Happiness in the Workplace

Your employees are the beating heart of your business, so building a culture where your team feel genuinely valued and employee happiness in the workplace is put first is hugely important. After all, a happy workplace equals a better culture and increased productivity. So much so, that recent research found that satisfied employees are 12% more productive than the average worker. That’s a pretty big difference, don’t you think?

Employee happiness in the workplace is proven to be a powerful driver of engagement and a predictor of a business’s long-term success. Making sure your team feel good about the work they’re doing and the environment they’re working in can also help to reduce employee turnover and support more collaboration and innovation on a day-to-day basis. It’s a win-win!


Why employee happiness is important for your business

Besides the obvious improvement to boost your team’s mood, keeping your employees happy is the key to securing business success further down the road. When people feel good, they thrive. From a boost in your team’s productivity to higher retention rates and a greater commitment to completing work to the highest standards, the importance of happiness in the workplace is profound and the perks are endless.

Increased productivity

When people find enjoyment in the workplace and feel truly valued by the business that they work for, they’re more likely to go the extra mile. Happier employees not only deliver higher quality work but are also more likely to work harder and more efficiently.

Improved employee retention

When businesses have a high turnover rate, this can have a negative impact on business performance. Recruitment and training are not only time consuming but costly too, which can drain a business’ resources. Plus, when a team is unstable, employee morale can plummet and often there’s less experience within the team.

More teamwork and collaboration

Happy employees are collaborative employees. When a workplace feels positive, stronger relationships are more likely to be formed and teams that get along tend to work more efficiently. Happy teams can tackle problems head on without disputes, support one another throughout stressful situations and share their ideas openly.

Greater creativity and innovation

When employees are happy at work, they can feel empowered to think outside the box, take risks and go above and beyond to come up with creative business solutions to continuously improve and drive growth.

Improved customer satisfaction

If your team feels supported, they’re more likely to engage with customers in a way that is positive and helps to nurture customer loyalty. If customers feel they are receiving quality customer service, they’ll be better satisfied and more likely to spread positive word of mouth about your business.

Excellent reputation

Happy customers are not only the best ambassadors for your business, but your employees are too! Having a positive reputation of being a great employer can give you the competitive edge needed to attract the very best individuals to join your business.

Understanding the importance of happiness in the workplace is a complete game-changer for your bottom line and the performance of your business. That’s why starting to take the necessary steps to cultivate a happy work environment is vital.


Employee happiness – how can I tell?

Want to better understand how to determine employee happiness in the workplace? It’s not as tricky as you may think.

Weekly check-ins with staff

A great way to start gauging happiness is by simply talking to your team! Implement regular 1-2-1 catchups to touch base with your team members. This is an excellent opportunity to address their concerns, make sure you’re doing your best to meet their needs and celebrate wins together. This can work wonders to boost employee motivation!

Employee incentives and performance-based initiatives

Showing your team that hard work is not only appreciated, but also rewarded, is a sure way to encourage continued commitment to high standards of work. This can motivate your team to go the extra mile and promote a sense of company loyalty. By actively praising and rewarding employees who perform well, you’re demonstrating that their hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed and that they’re a valued member of the team.

Promote corporate social initiatives and messages

Engaging employees in important and meaningful initiatives that have a positive impact on others outside of the business, helps to create a sense of purpose and community. People feel good doing good, so showing that you care about more than just business performance and are motivated to make a positive impact on others, can cause an overall happiness boost!

Want to go one step further? Let employees know that their opinions matter. Give your team an opportunity and platform to voice their ideas, concerns and the things that matter to them. Make sure to encourage conversation and show that you’re supportive so that they feel heard.


How to promote happiness in the workplace

Maintaining employee happiness in the workplace isn’t just your responsibility – it’s a team effort. Promote a range of incentives that employees can make the most of to boost their own happiness and wellbeing at work.

Regular wellbeing sessions

Your team should be encouraged to take advantage of wellbeing sessions that you offer. A few ideas include yoga classes, mindfulness sessions or workshops designed to help your team better manage stress. Whatever it may be, taking the time to invest in their own wellbeing can make the world of difference to employee happiness.

Workplace activities

Why not promote some light-hearted fun? This could mean organising some team building exercises, themed dress-up days, or competitions to boost morale and bring your team closer together.

Social events

Encourage your team to get involved in social events together, so that they can get to know one another outside of work and have some fun!

Flexible working

Provide flexible working options for employees, such as remote working options and/or flexible hours, to increase a sense of autonomy and work-life balance.

Employee surveys

Give your team the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on a regular basis. This allows you to remain in the loop with how your team is feeling, gain vital insights and identify how your workplace culture could be improved.

Opportunities for self-development and progression

Investing in your team’s professional development, through training and mentoring, can lead to greater job satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.


Boost your workplace culture with Citation’s support

Understanding how you can boost happiness in the workplace is essential to building a thriving workplace and business culture. By putting the needs of your employees first and supporting their wellbeing, you’re creating an environment where your team feel genuinely valued.

At Citation, we understand the importance of HR support in achieving these goals. That’s why we’re on hand to support you every step of the way, through our HR and Employment Law services. We have expert HR Consultants and Employment Law Consultants ready to help you tackle your challenges.

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