Ensure your Care Home meets CQC standards

Providers are legally responsible for making sure they meet the new essential standards of quality and safety. Over the past year, 34 care homes and 8 agencies providing care in people’s homes have been shut down by the CQC. The regulator is determined to take strong measures in order to protect the elderly and vulnerable. Should care providers meet the essential standards they will be monitored by the regulator to ensure they continue to do so. Damian Wasey, Account Development Manager at Citation said “It is now even more pertinent for care providers to make sure they are meeting all the necessary legal requirements when it comes to health & safety and employment law.

Of the care homes closed over the last 12 months, the regulator highlighted two reoccurring concern’s, medicines not being managed safely and staff not legally able to work in the country. We make sure that care home providers know all their legal requirements and provide systems to enable them to comply, removing the burden whilst leaving owners to focus on providing an optimum level of care for service users.”

With the CQC currently reviewing and defining the new information system on quality and safety and how this will be measured, care home providers must do their upmost to deliver the highest level of care in terms of both quality and safety for future success. This release is for guidance only. Citation’s compliance solutions in employment law and health & safety provide care home providers with 24/7 advice and ongoing support enabling employers to easily demonstrate they have followed the necessary procedures.

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