A recent update to the My NHS site has now added a new feature which allows users to leave ratings and reviews to help other people assess services of care homes.

Each care home is scored on its level of safety, staff turnover and food hygiene, among other standards.

People can access:


  • User reviews – including star ratings
  • Care Quality Commission inspection ratings of care homes
  • Food Hygiene Standard rating
  • Levels of staff turnover
  • Whether the home has a registered manager in post
  • Key information such as location, services on offer, contact details

Citation’s Customer Insight Executive, Carl Lord shares his top tips on how to manage reviews and feedback:


  1. Respond to all feedback: Good or bad you need to engage all of your clients and respond to their comments, they could hold some valuable information
  2. Use the feedback as insight: If you can view negative comments as a way to gain insight into a segment of your clients, then you will grow to value them instead of dreading them. Use the feedback to improve your business.
  3. Engage your staff: Let the staff in your business know about the reviews and feedback. You can use this to manage changes and let them know when they are doing a great job.
  4. Respond quickly: If a client has an issue don’t wait 3 days to get back to them – it will only add flames to the fire. You can publicly respond on the site to let that client and other potential clients know how you have resolved the situation. People will appreciate a resolution.
  5. Invite feedback:  Don’t hide from feedback, invite it. Let clients know they can leave feedback with signs on the walls around in your premises. If a client tells you what a great job you’ve done ask them to leave a review.
  6. Be open minded: Take a deep breath before you respond to negative reviews. You want to open a conversation, not an argument. You should be asking questions instead of telling them they are wrong. Remain neutral and get all the facts – you won’t win any battles by being sarcastic or dismissive.

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